Travel with children

Traveling with children

At SAS, we welcome all travelers – both big and small. Here's some important information about traveling with children to make your trip as smooth and easy as possible. 

Unaccompanied minors

Even smaller travelers sometimes need to fly on their own. With our Unaccompanied Minor service, your child is in safe hands before, during and after their flight. 

Please book your child's trip well before departure to be sure to get a seat.

  • For children 5-11 who travel swithin Scandinavia and Europe, you can book here
  • For children 12-17 or travel to other parts of the world, contact SAS Sales & Service.


Traveling when pregnant

On SAS, you can fly during most of your pregnancy. However, towards the end, there are some limitations. 

  • We recommend that you ask your insurance company about your insurance coverage while flying when pregnant. 
  • If you need to add an infant to your booking or make a name change, please contact SAS Sales & Service.
  • If you're flying with one of our partners, other rules may apply.


Traveling with infants

Here's some useful information about traveling with infants. 

  • At SAS, an infant is a child who has not yet turned 2, but is at least 7 days old.  
  • When you fly with an infant, he or she must sit on your lap.
  • You can also book a separate seat for your infant. You'll pay the same price as for a child between age 2 and 11 and you need to bring your own child safety seat. To book, just contact SAS Sales & Service. 
  • If you're traveling with two infants, you can have one on your lap and the other in a seat beside you. You'll pay the same price as for a child between age 2 and 11 and you need to bring your own child safety seat. To book, just contact SAS Sales & Service. 
  • If you're traveling with an infant under age 2 on the outbound flight who will turn 2 during the trip, you'll need to book a child ticket. Just contact SAS Sales & Service for help. 


Traveling with children age 2–11 

True travelers start early. And we do everything we can to make flying easy and fun for you and your child.

  • At SAS, a child is a person between age 2 and 11 (i.e. has not turned 12). A child can fly with another person who is at least 16. A child can also fly as an unaccompanied minor.
  • If your child is under 2 on the outbound flight of a trip but will turn 2 during the trip, please book by contacting SAS Sales & Service.  


Child discounts

At SAS, we offer discounts on children's travel to make it more affordable to travel with the whole family. 

  • Infants (0–23 months) travel free or with a 90% discount, depending on the destination, when sitting in the lap of another person. 
  • Children aged 2–11 who travel with a person over age 16 get a discount of up to 25%, depending on the destination, price and booking class. 
  • Please note that we don't offer child discounts on some special fares to/from the US. 
  • Children 2–11 also enjoy generous discounts of up to 25–50% on award trips. 
  • Child discounts apply to the ticket price excluding taxes and fees. 

EuroBonus for children

Kids can also earn points and enjoy the many benefits of being a member of SAS EuroBonus

  • As a EuroBonus member, your child can collect points and use them for award trips, hotel accommodations and other offers. 
  • Children enjoy generous discounts on award trips on SAS and Wideroe.