Passport and Visa

Passports & visas

Below is important information about passport and visa requirements. For more information about passports and other identity documents, please contact your local authorities.


Important information about unaccompanied minors

If you're the parent or legal guardian of an unaccompanied minor, you must always show a valid identity document at check-in regardless of destination.


Temporary Border control for passengers traveling to/ via Poland 

Due to World Climate Summit held in Katowice passengers arriving to Poland during 22 November - 16 December need to hold a valid Passport or National ID.



  • If you're traveling to or via the US, you will need the following:
    • Valid passport
    • Valid ESTA (Electronic System for Travel Authorization)
    • Address of your first night's accommodation in the US
  • Please note that in accordance with the US VISIT Program, all passengers traveling to the US must be fingerprinted and photographed upon arrival.


  • When you travel to or via the US, you need a machine-readable biometric passport that is valid for the duration of your visit to the US. A biometric passport is a more secure type of passport with an embedded electronic chip. It's indicated by a special symbol on the front.

  • If you don't have a biometric passport or if you're planning to stay more than 90 days, you must obtain an American visa before you depart.

Your booking and first night's address in the US

  • The information in your booking – your name including middle name, gender and date of birth – must agree with the information in your passport.
  • Your information must be included in your booking no later than 72 hours before departure or you may be denied entry to the aircraft. Please note that you are responsible for providing SAS with this information on time.

If you have not already supplied this information when making your booking, you can provide it here

  • For bookings made later than 72 hours before departure, you must provide the personal information described above when you book.
  • You must provide the address of your first night's accommodation in the US no later than at check-in, even if you're only traveling via the US (in transit). To save time at the airport, you can enter this information when you book. American citizens and Green Card holders do not need to provide an address.

Travel authorization (ESTA)

  • Scandinavians don't need a visa to travel to the US, but they do need a travel authorization (ESTA). This applies even if you're traveling via the US (in transit). You can apply for an ESTA here
  • If you have a visa, you don't need to apply for an ESTA.


Checking in

  • When traveling to the US, it is important to arrive to the airport well in advance of your departure, as you will need extra time to check in and for security screening. This is due to additional regulations from US Transportation Security Administration (TSA) affecting all departures to the US from October 26th 2017, where all airlines globally must adhere to the same regulations. This also affects transfer passengers.
  • You can check in online, on your phone or at a SAS Self-Service kiosk
  • If you're traveling from Stockholm to the US, you can check in and get your bag tags at a SAS Self-Service kiosk. Then just drop your bags at the SAS bag drop.
  • You should always carry a printed copy of your e-ticket. You'll need to carry this if you're traveling to the US as well as on your return trip.


If you're traveling to, from or via the US, please keep the following things in mind.

  • Do not lock your bag. If your bag is locked and needs to be broken open by the authorities, you will not be compensated for the damage. If you want to lock your bag, we recommend using a TSA lock which is approved for use in the US.
  • Carrying hazardous substances in your baggage is a punishable offense under American law.


Canada has introduced a new entry requirement, Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA), for visa-exempt foreign nationals traveling to or via Canada by air. US citizens and travelers with a valid visa are excepted.

Apply for your eTA no later than 72 hours before departure. The eTA is valid for a maximum of 5 years or until your passport expires. To be allowed to board your flight to Canada, you will need to travel with the passport you used to apply for your eTA since the eTA is electronically linked to it. All travelers are responsible for ensuring they have an eTA. Find out more and apply


Make sure you have the right documents to travel in Europe.

Traveling in the Nordic countries

  • Nordic citizens don't need to carry a passport when traveling within the Nordic countries (Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Norway excluding Svalbard and Iceland). However, you must always be able to verify your identity upon request.

Schengen countries

  • There are no individual security checks at borders between Schengen countries. However, you still need to carry the national identity card or passport to verify your citizenship if required.
  • Exceptions within Schengen countries: in Latvia, Estonia and France, you must present a passport or national identity card when you arrive and depart.

Non-Schengen countries

  • You must show your passport when you check in and board the aircraft when traveling to a non-Schengen country.
  • On non-Schengen SAS flights to/from Denmark, you must provide information including date of birth, citizenship, passport number etc. when you check in online or at the airport.
  • Effective 7 October 2017, the police are to check the passports of all travelers crossing the Schengen border at Copenhagen Airport. The new rules mean that all travelers, irrespective of their nationality, who cross the Schengen border, are to have their passport scanned at the passport control at Copenhagen Airport.
    Copenhagen Airport anticipates waiting times of up to one hour at the passport control, depending on whether you are arriving or departing from the airport. We therefore advise our passengers to arrive at the airport in good time, as passport control is performed after check-in and security.



  • Regardless of age, children must have their own passports confirming their nationality. This also applies when traveling with an adult.
  • If you are the parent or legal guardian of an unaccompanied minor, you must always show a valid identity document at check-in, regardless of destination.

Great Britain

Here are some things to keep in mind when traveling to Great Britain.

  • All airlines must submit APIS (Advanced Passenger Information) for passengers traveling between Scandinavia and Great Britain.
  • You'll need to provide information from your passport or national identity card when you check in online, at a kiosk or at a counter
  • If you check in online or on your phone, you still need to register passport information when you check in your baggage. If you're traveling with only a carry-on, you need to register your passport information at a SAS Self-Service kiosk at the airport.


If you travel to, from, within or via Russia, you need to undergo an extra passport and visa check. Please also be aware that extra passenger information is required when you book your ticket.

Passport and visa

  • You need a valid visa to enter Russia, even if you're only transiting. This must be acquired in advance since you can't apply for a visa when you arrive in Russia.
  • Before you leave, please ensure that you have arranged the following:
    • You must have a valid passport that is 100% intact and contains a passport photo
    • Your visa must be valid on the day that you arrive in Russia and must be inserted in a valid passport
    • Your gender, date of birth and passport number must be correctly stated on your visa
    • You can use your visa more than once
    • You must have travel insurance (requirement for citizens from Schengen countries and Israel)
    • If you have applied for a visa for more than 3 months, you must show that you have undergone HIV testing
  • If you're staying at a private residence in Russia, you must have an official private invitation issued by the local passport and visa unit (OVIR).
  • If you're staying at a hotel, the hotel can arrange for an invitation.
  • Make sure your travel dates in your visa are correct. If your visa has been issued with the wrong travel date, you may be denied travel to Russia on SAS.

Extra information in your booking

  • For trips to, from, within or via Russia, you must provide extra passenger information in your booking no later than 24 hours before departure including:
    • Your full name: first, middle and last names
    • Gender
    • Date of birth
    • Type of identity document, e.g. passport
    • Identity document number, e.g. passport number
    • Nationality
  • As a traveler, you are responsible for providing SAS with this information on time. If you didn't provide this information when booking your trip, contact your travel agency or register your information here
  • If you book less than 24 hours before departure, you must provide this information when you book.

Rest of the world

When you travel outside of the Schengen area, you need to carry the documents required for entry into each respective country.

  • Examples of required documents:
  • Contact the respective country's embassy for more detailed information before your trip.

Traveling to China

For international flights, please ensure you have the documents required for entry into the countries you're traveling to so you can prove your citizenship. These documents may include:

  • Passport
  • Visas
  • Departure permits
  • Vaccination cards