CO2 Offsets

CO2 Offsets

For decades, SAS has worked with reducing its impact on the environment. Read more about our work here

The CO2 emissions that occur when flying can be compensated for with the help of established offset solutions. At SAS, we CO2-compensate all youth tickets, our Eurobonus-members SAS-flights and our own business trips.

SAS has chosen Natural Capital Partners (formerly known as The Carbon Neutral Company) as business partner for CO2 offset solutions. The money will be invested in energy projects which generate a compensation that equivalates to the amount of CO2 emissions. 

Our CO2 offset portfolio at Natural Capital Partners is built on different energy projects that replace fossil fuel with renewable energy. Right now, we are working on being able to provide the option of upgrading all or part of a trip’s fuel consumption into bio fuel. This option will be launched shortly.

Below you will find a CO2 offset calculator that can be used to calculate CO2 emissions, depending on your flight and the aircraft. The calculator also shows other greenhouse gas emissions.

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