Spend a bit more & get a lot more in SAS Plus 

Booking in SAS Plus is a cost-effective way to make your trip a lot easier and more comfortable. Here are some of the things you enjoy when you choose SAS Plus.


SAS Fast Track

Skip the lines and get through security faster. When you travel in SAS Plus, you can use SAS Fast Track and have more time for shopping, dining and relaxing in the SAS Lounge. A much better way to spend your time, don't you think?

SAS Lounges 

Start your trip off right in a SAS Lounge. It's a peaceful place to catch up on work, check your emails, grab a bite to eat, socialize or just relax while you're waiting for your flight. 


Extra bag 

Pack another outfit or an extra pair of shoes. Or bring an extra bag to carry your shopping. In SAS Plus, you can check in twice as many bags, or 2 x 23 kg bags. And you can bring one carry-on (8kg/18 lbs) and handbag or laptop bag onboard. 

More flexibility

When you book in SAS Plus, you can change your ticket as many times as you like in the same class, absolutely free. Or choose SAS Plus Saver to change your ticket for a fee. 

More comfort

Enjoy something extra when it comes to comfort and service. In SAS Plus, you'll sit at the front of the cabin in a seat you choose when you book. And you'll be served a delicious light meal and drinks.

Travel easier

Download the SAS App to check in, choose your seat, get your boarding pass, check flight status and more.



As a SAS EuroBonus member, you earn more points when you fly SAS Plus compared with traveling in SAS Go. 


Save time

Check in up to 22 hours before departure by text message or in the SAS App


Look what happened when we sneaked into the queue at Oslo Airport


Also included on flights to:

New York

asia & us

  • Wide comfortable seats with adjustable headrests and footrests, plus more room for your legs.
  • Three-course inflight dinner on flights operated by SAS. More about food and beverages
  • Inflight entertainment: movies, music, audio books or podcasts. 
  • Power outlets at your seat, 110V for a 2–prong European plug or 3–prong American.



The Nordic region and Europe

  • Breakfast is served until 9:00 a.m. and from the menu after 9:00 a.m.
  • Food and beverages.
  • Power outlets at your seat, 110V for a 2–prong European plug or 3–prong American.