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    • Cancellation & refund

      If you booked your trip on our website or through SAS Customer Service, you can cancel your booking and apply for a refund below.

      If your flight has been canceled you can use this form to apply for a refund. You can also cancel your booking and apply for a refund.

      If you've booked a round trip ticket and only want to fly one way, you will get a refund for the part not used, according to the terms of your ticket. For cancellation within 24 hours of booking, please refer to the 24-hour money back guarantee.
      Your refund will be calculated based on the ticket rules and conditions of carriage.

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      Detailed information

      • Within Europe
      • Outside Europe
      • Exceptions
      • Cancel trips booked with EuroBonus points
      • Cancel booking due to rejected Visa
      • Cancel booking due to death in family