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Cancel & refund EuroBonus ticket

You can cancel your EuroBonus tickets and get them refunded by using this form.

Have you booked via
If that’s the case, login - go to “My bookings” and view the reservation. At the bottom of the itinerary / confirmation, you select “Cancel booking”. The journey will be cancelled and refundable taxes are returned to your account within 3-4 bank days. Valid EuroBonus points are automatically returned to your EuroBonus account.

Did you book your ticket via SAS Customer Contact Center (phone)?
Submit the form below and we will process your request within 7 days.

Please fill out the fields with the requested information. Other information can not be processed.

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Information about your reservation

* Are you cancelling all passengers in this booking?
If no, please fill in name(s) of passenger(s) to be cancelled:
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* Ar you cancelling the whole reservation?
If no, what part of the journey do you want to cancel?

* My booking is done via SAS:
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