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EuroBonus is now more rewarding than ever. With more available EuroBonus seats across all destinations, you can easily book that extra trip to the destination you want to visit, at the time you want. See how far your points will take you…


30.000 points


Book SAS or Widerøe EuroBonus seats between June 27th and July 2nd for discount on travels between August 1st–December 31st on short-haul flights, and November 1st–March 31st, 2019 on long-haul flights. Additional government and airport-imposed taxes and fees are passengers’ responsibility. Taxes vary by route and cannot be paid with points.

How it works

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Where can I go?

You can book EuroBonus tickets to any SAS destination. How far you can go depends on how many points you have. To make it easier, we have organized EuroBonus SAS flights into zones – so the amount of points needed varies by your travel zone.

  • Domestic flights within Denmark, Norway, Sweden

  • R/T from
    10,000 Points

  • Now 40% off

  • Trips across the Nordic countries

  • R/T from
    20,000 Points

  • Now 40% off

  • Trips from the Nordics to another European city

  • R/T from
    30,000 Points

  • Now 30% off

  • Flights to/from USA & Asia

  • R/T from
    60,000 Points

  • Now 10% off

How do I book?

On the Booking page, simply click the button that says “Pay with Points.” On every flight, we reserve a number of EuroBonus seats that you can book using your points. These are described as “Best price”– and they give you the best value for your points. The points needed depends on where you fly and which travel class you choose – SAS Go, SAS Plus or SAS Business.

You can also book using a combination of points and money. This “Best availability” option means you have more seats to choose from.

To book with Points during popular travel times, we recommend checking early. The first EuroBonus trips are released 11 months before departure, followed by a big release one month later. We continue to release more trips, so if you can’t find your preferred flight, we recommend checking again later.

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Did you know?


• Children under 12 years of age get 50% discount on the point price (for tickets paid with points only).   

• Point prices are for round-trip flights. One-way flights cost 60% of the round-trip point price.

• You can book as early as 11 months before departure, when the first tickets are released.

• If you don’t have enough points to book a trip, you can always buy the points you are missing.  

• You earn points towards your next EuroBonus trip when you book with a combination of points and money.

• If you have extra points, you can use them to upgrade, gain lounge access or shop onboard.

• Members can also redeem points with Star Alliance and other partners* (*other terms & conditions apply)