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    • SAS Youth tickets

      Discover the world with SAS Youth. Book a SAS Youth ticket and enjoy special rates exclusive to travelers between 12 and 25 years old.

      SAS CO2 offset all booked youth tickets. Please notice that the availability of seats is limited and seats are only available in SAS Go for specific booking classes. Below you can read more about SAS Youth and our flexible alternatives for rebooking.

      Travelers on SAS Youth tickets must show a valid ID.

      Flexible rebooking

      We have now introduced more flexible rebooking options so that you can travel now or later.

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      Benefits and details

      • Ticket details
      • Fare rules
      • If you don't need to check in a bag
      • SAS CO2-offsets all Youth tickets
      • Special group discounts

      SAS Safe Travel

      The safety of travelers and staff is always our highest priority. We want you to feel safe when you travel with SAS.

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