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  • Pets are not included as part of the baggage allowance. Contact SAS Customer Contact Center for more info.

  • Prices apply per crate & per direction if you fly with SAS.
  • It is possible to transport more than one animal in the same cage in the cargo hold.
  • For transport in the cabin, one cage may contain two cats or dogs as long as the cage can be placed under the seat in front of you and does not weigh more than 8 kgs.

    Travel with pets
    Nordic domestic
    Scandinavia, Europe,
    Tel Aviv & Turkey
    Pet in cabin/cargo hold €50, £40, $60/
     €67, £55, $80
    €70, £55, $80/
     €90, £70, $105
    €95, £75 , $115/
    €115, £90 , $140

    Pets are not allowed in the cabin in SAS Business on our intercontinental flights. An additional minimal fee from airports outside Scandinavia may apply.

  • Prices apply per one way when traveling with SAS.

  • If you are traveling onwards with another airline or with one of our partners on a codeshare flight, check with the airline to see what rules apply.

  • Guide/service & search dogs always travel free of charge with SAS. Book in advance & obtain the necessary permits.
Animal in cabin
Animal in cargo hold

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