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Welcome onboard SAS Business
  • A restaurant in the sky - that's the onboard experience we're looking to create. We start things off by welcoming you on board with a glass of champagne, or an alcohol-free alternative if you prefer. We then serve you a drink & snacks to whet your appetite while you peruse our 3-course menu. In SAS Business, you always have a choice of dishes, with four different mains available for dinner, followed by a cheese course & ending with dessert. The wine menu has been carefully selected - you can look forward to choosing from a range of high-quality wines from some of the world’s leading vineyards. You will also find one or two surprises that our wine experts have managed to get a hold of in limited quantities.

  • Our popular buffet is open during the entire trip & you can choose from wines, alcohol-free drinks, fruit, coffee, tea & sweets. We always serve real espresso in SAS Business.

  • Before landing, we serve a warm or cold breakfast or lunch.

  • Sit comfortably onboard. In SAS Business, you have plenty of space whether you want to work, relax, sleep or be entertained. Our Business Sleeper transforms from a comfortable passenger seat to a bed at night. The seat is 52 cm/20" wide & on top of that you have an additional 200 cm/79" of space. The seat has a built-in massage function & smart storage for personal belongings. We are in full swing with the major upgrade of all our long-haul cabins. More about the new Business seats

  • Generous with baggage when you travel in SAS Business. You can bring two pieces of checked baggage up to 32 kg/71 lbs. each and two pieces of cabin baggage up to 8 kg/18 lbs. each. You can also bring a small purse or bag with your laptop. More about baggage

  • Entertainment. On our long-haul flights,you can watch films & listen to music, audio books and podcasts, we have something for everyone. Entertainment onboard

  • Free WiFi onboard in our new cabins. Throughout 2015, we are upgrading cabins on all our long-haul flights. You can read more about our new cabins & see which aircraft are being upgraded at

  • Shop onboard. In SAS Store, you can purchase perfume, Scandinavian design products & funny gifts – all at great prices. Browse our catalogue

  • Power outlet. In SAS Business, there are power outlets where you can charge your laptop, tablet or smartphone next to the seat. The power outlet is 110V & can be used with a 2-pin European or 3-pin American plug.

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