Guide to Aalborg

Guide to Aalborg


If you like to combine history with tourism, then Aalborg is for you. With cheap SAS flights to Aalborg, you are guaranteed a great experience.

Aalborg's past began around 700 AD when it was a trading post. Merchants bartered products such as grain and fish, transporting them along the coast.

Trade continued to thrive for hundreds of years. By the Middle Ages, Danish authorities recognised Aalborg's harbour as a vital part of the national economy. This success helped Aalborg gain a monopoly for the salt herring trade in 1516, which in turn led to links with the eastern seaboard of England.

The commercial connection with England, now almost 400 years old, gave rise to more than just trade. English decorative styles, for example, started to appear in the lavishly panelled rooms of the wealthiest merchants' homes.

To learn more about the city's past, visit the Aalborg Historical Museum. The displays will take you back more than a thousand years and show you how the region developed.


The museum will give you insights into Aalborg’s historical background. To complement this, you should also view the remarkable buildings.

Aalborghus Slot (Aalborg Castle) is a half-timbered stronghold built 1539 and 1555 by King Christian III. Despite the intervening 450 years, the castle has been well maintained and now functions as government offices.

Other places well worth a visit include the 14th-century Budolfi Cathedral named after the English abbot St. Botolph and the magnificent Renaissance home of Jens Bang next to the old Town Hall.

One sight you really shouldn't miss is just north of Aalborg in Nørresbundby. This is the location of the Lindholm Høje Viking settlement and burial ground. A museum here explains the extraordinary history of this area from 700 to 1200 AD.

If you have a chance, combine your sightseeing with a trip to the Aalborg Tower. When you reach the top, you're 345 feet (105 m) above sea level. Enjoy the tremendous view of Aalborg and the surrounding districts.


As with most cities, one of the most popular leisure activities in Aalborg is eating out. Because of the city's position on the Limfjord, the restaurants offer a wide range of fresh seafood. Be sure to try the Limfjord mussels and oysters: they’re renowned across Scandinavia.

You’ll find a number of Aalborg's restaurants in the city's most famous street, Jomfru Ane Gade. Alongside these are pubs and cafes, all offering great drink and food at some of Denmark's best prices.

When night falls, many of these venues become popular bars, discos and clubs. The variety is such that you’re certain to find a quiet corner for a conversation and a drink, or a lively dance floor with enthusiastic music lovers.

Aalborg has a bewitching mix of history and modernity. Book your flight now with SAS and see for yourself why travellers call this Danish city the "Paris of the North."


What's up in Aalborg

A 20-minute drive
from Aalborg is Nibe, an old market town a stone's throw from busy city life.

Aalborg Carnival
The largest in northern Europe, a good opportunity to party away with the Danes.

Søgaards Bryghus was the first microbrewery in Aalborg.

Crew tip

Utzon Center
Slotspladsen 4
Tel.: +45 76 90 50 00

Jørn Utzon, who grew up in Aalborg, is the architect that created the world-famous Sydney opera house and this is his center. Located at the waterfront, the Utzon Center is thought to be more than a museum, an active and dynamic public venue for the display, development anddiscussion of architecture, design and art. /
Jeff, ground crew

Passenger tip

Nord Jylland Kunstmuseum
Kong Christians Allé 50
Tel.: +45 98 13 80 88

Designed by renowned architects Elissa and Alvar Aalto and Jean-Jacques Baruel, the buidling itself is worth a visit. Nord Jylland Museum of Modern Art is located close to the waterfront and includes a sculpture park. You can spend a whole day here enjoying the museum and surroundings. /Kjell

Passenger tip

Denmark is genereally good for shopping and so is Aalborg. Don't just walk along the obvious shopping streets. Check out the small shops on the side streets. They can offer a more personal shopping experience than the main streets. /Albert



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