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SAS Corporate Booking is a simple solution for those who want to book SAS agreement fares
for lower travel costs. All it takes is a few clicks to take care of all of a company's travel needs.

Why SAS Corporate Booking?

  • Enjoy benefits & earn SAS Credits
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  • Flexibility in booking Travel Pass trips
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  • Simplicity
    SAS Corporate Booking is easy to use for everyone at the company. Choose if all travelers have their own profiles or whether a travel administrator at the company takes care of everything. The system accepts all credit cards.
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          Benefits for the company

  • Lower costs through access to agreement prices & service fees
  • Free access to booking system (no startup fee)
  • Travel order function (including booking non-registred travelers)
  • Help through SAS Corporate Support by phone when needed

    Agreement prices that can be booked through SAS Corporate Booking:
    • SAS Credits
    • Travel Pass
    • Corporate Net Fares (CNF)

    Benefits for travelers

  • Simply & fast bookings for flights, hotels & rental cars
  • 24-hour access online
  • 9 hours/weekday support by phone (8am-4pm)
  • Hotel & rental cars bookable at the same time as flights
  • Simple to book on or through company intranet
  • You can also book hotels & rental cars at agreement prices
    Companies can add their own hotel & rental car agreements through SAS Corporate Booking. If they are fully booked, alternatives from SAS agreement partners will be offered. If your own agreements are missing, you are always welcome to use SAS agreement prices for hotels & rental cares.

  • Free to use
    It is completely free to use the system. In order to get started for booking, you will need a SAS Credits agreement. Click here - it is simple to sign up your company. We have no minimum requirements. All who sign an agreement earn SAS Credits, which can be used to book new flights & hotel stays.
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