Special baggage

Your baggage considered as special baggage when it exceeds measurement 158 cm in total. Special baggage is, for example, children’s strollers, sport equipment, musical instruments, wheelchairs and other odd sized items.

If you plan to bring a bicycle, golf bag, skis/snowboard or wheelchair on your trip, you must add it at the time of booking or, if you have already purchased a trip, via My Bookings at least 24 hours before departure. For other types of special baggage, please contact us and we will assist you. Don't wait too long as the number of sports and special baggage items is limited per flight.

Good to know

  • You can bring special baggage on SAS – but space in each aircraft is limited.

  • The earlier you make a request – the better the chances to secure space for your special baggage. All requested special baggage need to be confirmed before departure.

  • Special baggage is included at no extra charge if it fits within the checked baggage allowance included in your ticket. If it doesn’t, you need to pay for extra baggage.

  • If you need to add special baggage and your flight departs within 24 hours, please contact SAS Customer Service.

Size and weight limits

  • A bag that exceeds measurement 158 cm (length + width + height) , including handles and wheels is considered special baggage.

  • Maximum weight: 32 kg

How to add / book

Request to bring your baggage while booking your trip or later in My bookings. Your carriage must be confirmed and approved before departure.

At time of booking

  • In step 4 Extras, select Add bags.

  • Select type of checked baggage in the drop-down menu.

  • Add / save to your booking.

Via My booking

  • Enter your booking reference and last name or log in.

  • Select Add / change baggage.

  • Select type of checked baggage in the drop-down menu.

  • Add / save to your booking

For other types of special baggage / sports equipment, and for tickets including flights with other airlines than SAS, you have to contact us.

Types of baggage

You can bring musical instruments on SAS flights as carry-on or checked baggage if it fits within your baggage allowance. 

Find more details about musical instruments.

Stroller & pram

If you are traveling with an infant or a child, age 2–11, you can check in a stroller / pram and child safety seat / car seat in addition to the baggage included in the ticket, free of charge.

Strollers / prams that are two-piece models must be packed in two parts.

When checking in a stroller and / or a child safety seat you have to use a plastic bag or a suitable protective hard case to protect it. We recommend that you use a hard case to avoid any potential damage. Nothing else is allowed to be packed in the same plastic bag/case.

The check-in and pick up point for strollers and child safety seats differ between airports. At some airports they are checked in at the same bag drop / check-in desk as other bags, and at some airports you need to drop them off at the desk for special baggage. Ask at the airport.

Child safety seat onboard

If you want your infant, under age two, to sit in a child safety seat onboard, you have to book a child ticket. The child safety seat is secured to the seat next to yours. It can either be forward-facing or rear-facing. To reserve a seat for a child safety seat, please contact SAS Customer Service.

All sport equipment must be requested and approved in advance. Make a reservation as soon as possible, and no later than 24 hours before departure.

Find more details about sports equipment.

Notification and prior approval required

It is allowed to bring hunting and sporting weapons as checked in baggage, such weapons must be requested and approved in advance. Carriage of weapons are subject to an additional fee that you pay at the airport.

You can request carriage of weapons up to 48 hours before departure. If your flight departs within 24 hours, please call Customer Service. If you booked your trip through a travel agent, contact the agency for help.

Requirements to transporting firearms and ammunition

  • You have a valid firearm license.

  • The weapon is not loaded.

  • When possible, the weapon has been disassembled and each piece packed in separate bags that are checked in.

  • Ammunition is classified as dangerous goods and must be shipped in its original packaging that protects against strong impact.

  • Ammunition must be packed in a separate piece of checked baggage and not in the same bag as the weapon.

  • You can bring up to 5 kg of ammunition.

  • If you travel from Italy, the Italian authorities requires ammunition to be securely packed in a separate lockable, solid / rigid container. Spare ammunition in regular baggage is not allowed.

You have to check in at least two hours before departure to complete the necessary paperwork and security checks. You should also allow additional time for changing flights at other airports. When you arrive at your destination, contact SAS Arrival Service or a management agent to arrange for delivery of your weapon.

You can always bring a wheelchair free of charge on SAS flights. Book your wheelchair at least 48 hours before departure.

Find more details about reduced mobility/wheelchair

Different rules apply for special baggage on charter flights with SAS. Contact your tour operator well before departure to register your special baggage as transport is subject to availability.