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Northern Norway

The wild and beautiful landscape

The most unique aspect of Northern Norway is its wild and beautiful landscape. The mountains, sea, plateau and fjords are guaranteed to take away the breath of even the most experienced traveller. Northern Norway has everything from thriving fishing villages, to Sami communities on Finnmarksvidda, to the northern cities and their exciting urban culture.

Midnight sun

The best time to see the midnight sun in Norway is in the early season and the high summer. The sun does not sink below the horizon at the North Cape from the second week in May until the last week in July.

The nature

The sea, mountains and vast open spaces are the main elements in Northern Norway's nature. Fishing in Lofoten in the winter has become internationally famous, while divers from all over the world come here to explore the transparent waters surrounding the thousands of islands and rocks. Northern Norway is a veritable Mecca for climbers, glaciologists and skiing enthusiasts. Bird spotting and whale safaris are also popular attractions here. Finnmarksvidda with its 60,000 lakes is ideal for fishing and walking. The unspoilt nature offers new experiences and challenges for all.


Why not come and try some of the many activities that Northern Norway has to offer? How about a fishing trip with local fishermen or a whale safari? You can go on boat trips along rivers, or fish in freshwater lakes. If you are looking for something more relaxing, stay in a converted fishermen's cabin in Lofoten. Unique to Northern Norway are the Sami people. You can experience the Sami first-hand in their communities on the Finnmarksvidda plateau. In Northern Norway, the midnight sun means that you can be active 24 hours a day during the summer.


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