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The sweet escape
Check out Flukt (Escape) in the Tjuvholmen (Thief Island) area overlooking the Oslo fjord.
Check out the king of the Norwegian forest in this on-
the-wall version from Northern Lightning.
This restaurant may be a little less majestic than a real fjord, but tastes a lot better.
This may not be in Oslo, but it's too good to keep to ourselves: Quality Spa & Resort Kragerø.
Skinny chair
If the BBQ chair from Permafrost were a person, it would be someone light and elegant.
Enjoy Oslo
Furniture fantasies
Trendsetting furniture trader Robert Tandberg's showroom

The white castle
The Opera House seems to slowly glide up from the ocean.

Buddha has a new hotspot
Say hello to Buddha as many wooden statues in his likeness preside over Restaurant Manna's shabby chic interiors.
Magazine mania
Clever coffee table DOG_ME for the idle hours you spend in your living room.

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