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Denmark & Sweden are two European destinations that—when combined—make for one fantastic vacation. Explore what each country has to offer by clicking on the tabs below to learn more about travelling in Scandinavia.

Discover the perfect Scandinavian blend with SAS   Discover the perfect Scandinavian blend
Scandinavia has something for just about everyone. From the cosmopolitan and contemporary capitals of Denmark, and Sweden, Stockholm and Helsinki—to the region's stunning natural beauty and charming countryside, Scandinavia is brimming with sights, sounds, tastes, and experiences found nowhere else.
Authentic, unspoiled nature and green living   Authentic unspoiled nature and green living
Here, spectacular natural settings are yours to explore, from stunning and serene fjords to Arctic wilds, rolling farms, and fertile fields. All three countries are also forerunners in green thinking, with ecologically aware Danes & Swedes  living in harmony with nature. Enjoy the good life in communities that are green in every sense: clean, close to nature, packed with parks, bikeable, walkable and ecologically responsible.
Esplanade Park in downtown Helsinki   World-class attractions and culture
In Scandinavia, you can dive into fascinating culture and history all the way back to the Viking Ages, while at the same time enjoying modern innovations in lifestyle, fashion, and design. World-class attractions can be found throughout Scandinavia, from Sami sites and royal castles to contemporary galleries and cutting-edge museums. Learn more about the shapes and colors in furniture, interiors, fashion, architecture, glass and textiles that make Scandinavian design world-famous.

Gay and lesbian rights in Scandinavia
Gay-friendly Scandinavia

The Scandinavian countries are among the most liberal and gay-friendly in the world. SAS has for years been a member of IGLTA (The International Gay and Lesbian Travel Association) and we are also a proud member of the Stockholm Gay and Lesbian Network.

Exploration is easier than ever
Exploration is easier than ever

SwedenDenmark & Finland are great destinations on their own, but together, they make an unbeatable vacation. The three countries are conveniently connected by air, ferry, bus and rail and easily accessible with SASSAS offers the most frequent connections to Scandinavia with frequent non-stop flights from its 5 US hubs: New York Newark, Washington, Chicago, San Francisco & Houston-Stavanger (exclusively in SAS Business).


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