• Travel with calmness by adding a travel protection ​
  • Medical and health cover
  • Refunds for your flight and other prepaid trip costs

How it works

Types of protection

Medical cover and refunds for your flight and other prepaid trip costs.

  • If you have to cancel or cut short your trip due to injury or illness (including family members)

  • For emergency medical, hospital and dental costs, medical repatriation plus medical and travel-related accommodation expenses

  • For delayed, lost or stolen baggage and flight delays

Refunds for your flight and other prepaid trip costs.

  • If you have to cancel or cut short your trip due to injury or illness (including to family members)

Good to know

If you not find the information you need you can always visit XCover help center to find out more.

  • When you first visit XCover you will need to activate your account.

  • Your activation link can be found in the XCover confirmation SMS or email. Make sure you check your spam folder if you can’t find your confirmation email.

  • To protect your privacy, your XCover documents are not sent via mail. To view your documents, wording and invoice, you first need to log in to your XCover Account.

  • From your XCover Account, you can make a claim, or view your policy wording.

You have a 14-day window to cancel and request a refund after purchasing protection.

  • If you decide to reschedule your trip to the same destination with the same duration, your protection will remain valid. However, if you change your travel itinerary and extend your trip duration, you need to contact SAS Customer Service to update your policy to ensure coverage for the extended days.

  • If there are any delays or irregularities you’re always covered for an additional 24 hours.

  • If you upgrade your cabin class or make changes to your booking that result in an upgrade your protection will only cover the cost of the original ticket type.

The XCover claims process is simple. Visit xcover.com/claim to get started and remember to make a claim you will first need to activate your XCover Account.

  • Prepare all documents and a brief description of what happened ready to go.

  • Simply log in, answer questions about your claim and submit your documents.

  • If you are entitled to a payment, it is made instantly, if the claim doesn't require payment, expect a fast response!

The dedicated team at XCover aims to complete 95% of claims within 3 days of claim filing, so keep a close eye on your emails to ensure there’s no delay.

If your coverage includes emergency assistance or other medical cover, you can contact your dedicated  24/7 medical assistance service, XCover Assist, which is available in multiple languages. You can find the emergency phone number within the policy wording in your XCover Account.

XCover is owned by Cover Genius, a leading insurance firm that was recently ranked #1 in the Financial Times list of fastest-growing companies. XCover’s policies are backed by some of the world’s largest insurance companies including Lloyd’s, Swiss Re and Munich Re.

If you bought an insurance before 22 of May you need to contact Europ Assistance for assistance. Please look at your email confirmation.