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    • Biofuel

      We’re constantly looking for ways to lower the impact of travel on our climate. Upgrading to biofuel is one step towards more sustainable travel. 

      When booking your next trip, it is easy to buy biofuel, which can reduce CO2 emissions by up to 80 percent, compared to conventional jet fuel. Biofuel is available to purchase for all ticket types. SAS makes no profit on the contribution from travelers.

      Be a more sustainable traveler

      When you book your trip with SAS you can easily buy biofuel when booking tickets, or at any other time before departure.

      Questions and details

      • How much does it cost to purchase biofuel?
      • How will my contribution be used?
      • What is SAS biofuel made from?


      We believe that aviation plays an important role in society by connecting communities, cultures and people in a time-efficient way. This is why every part of SAS is working on ways of achieving more sustainable travel. Here you can read more about our projects and initiatives.

      More about our sustainability work