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Founded in February 1934 by five aviation enthusiasts (including Viggo Widerøe), Wideroe is the largest regional airline in Scandinavia.


News! Earn and spend points on trips on new destinations

Oslo (Sandefjord Torp)-Stockholm (Bromma) from March 30, 2020.
Note, only on flights operated by Wideroe. Book through your local Memberservice until further.


Earn points

  • You earn Basic points on selected flights (due to Norwegian Government regulations) as shown in table below. All other booking classes are excluded.
  • Basic points can be used to level up to higher membership levels and towards award flights and other rewards.
  • The principle is simple: the more you fly, the more points you earn.
  • Log in before you book so your details will be added automatically.
  • Gold and Diamond members earn an additional 25% Basic points on top of regular Basic point earnings. Read more
  Full Flex Flex Economy Economy Light
Points 1 000 750  250 100
Classes C, D, Z J, Y, S, B, P, A E, M, H, Q, W, U,
K, L, T, O, V, G
E, M, H, Q, W, U,
K, L, T, O, V, G

Spend points

  • You or another traveler can spend points in all service classes on selected flights (due to Norwegian Government regulations).
  • Book bonus trips or regular tickets for points (with the option to pay with Points + Money), one-way or round-trip in all service classes.