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Choose your seat when you book

Get the seat you want by choosing it when you book online or through your travel agency. You can always buy your seat in advance up to 22 hours before departure.*

*Please note that all seat reservations are subject to change without notice. If we need to change your seat, we’ll do our best to offer you a similar option. For example, if you have chosen an aisle seat, we will do our best to give you a similar aisle seat.

Price per flight

  • Scandinavia: 5-9 EUR / 6-10 USD
  • Europe: 9-19 EUR / 10-20
  • US & Asia
    - Extra legroom: 55 EUR / 59 USD
    - Preferred seat (front part of SAS Go cabin): 38 EUR / 40 USD
    - Window/aisle: 28 EUR / 29 USD
    - Middle seat: 11 EUR / 12 USD

(note on US flights you can choose seat for free among seats at
the rear of the aircraft)

Buy an extra seat

If you need an extra seat for more comfort or for medical reasons,* you can book the seat next to yours for a fee. Pre-order when you book through a travel agency or by contacting SAS Sales & Service**

*Extra seats may not be used to store extra baggage. 
**If you’ve booked an extra seat, you’ll need to check in at the airport (not online).