Why haven’t been awarded Lifetime Gold?

To be awarded with Lifetime Gold membership, you need to qualify for EuroBonus Gold status every year for 10 consecutive years by earning Basic points or taking qualifying flights on SAS or Wideroe.

If you’ve received a Gold card as a gift from a Diamond member, as part of a corporate agreement or through means other than earning Basic points or taking qualifying flights, your Gold status during this time does not count towards Lifetime Gold.

Additionally, when you reach EuroBonus Gold or Diamond, you will have this status for the rest of your current qualifying period and for the next qualifying period. To qualify for Lifetime Gold, however, you’ll need to requalify for at least Gold status during each qualifying period. Flights taken within Norway between August 2002 – May 2013 do not qualify for Liftime Gold due to Government restrictions enforced by the Norwegian Competition Authority.

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