SAS aims for global leadership in sustainable aviation and works hard to cut emissions. This is achieved for example, by using more sustainable aviation fuels. Compared to fossil fuels, sustainable aviation fuels (e.g., biofuel) dramatically reduce the climate-impacting CO2 emissions in the lifecycle and are the bridge on our journey toward zero-emission aviation.

When booking your next trip, it is easy to buy biofuel, and it is available for all ticket types.

  • Right now, EuroBonus members are awarded with 500 Extra points per 20-minute block of biofuel added to the SAS-booking.

  • SAS makes no profit on the purchase, and this is only adding to the amount of biofuel that SAS is already committed to buying.

When you book your trip with SAS you can easily buy biofuel when booking tickets, or at any other time before departure.

More details

SAS has created a model where travelers can purchase 20-minute blocks of biofuel per flight.

Prices are set at 10 USD/10 EUR/100 SEK/100 NOK/70 DKK per block of biofuel.

On a 60-minute flight, one 20-minute block of biofuel will correspond to a third of the average fuel consumption per passenger of an average flight. For example, to buy biofuel for a ticket on a 60-minute flight, a traveler would have to purchase three blocks to cover the full flight time.

The amount of biofuel a traveler buys will not necessarily be used on the actual flight the traveler has bought a ticket for, but it will be used to replace fossil fuel to the equivalent amount in SAS’ operations as soon as possible.

The amount you pay goes directly towards buying more biofuel.

SAS makes no profit on the contribution from travelers. The biofuel program will be audited by an external party to ensure full transparency.

SAS is working with national and international stakeholders to help accelerate the commercialization of biofuels in Scandinavia. Some of our partners are AirBP, Nestle, Preem, Swedavia, Avinor, RISE and ZERO.

SAS environmental and sustainable goals for 2025 is to use 17 percent biofuel – equivalent to the total SAS domestic production.

SAS only uses certified and sustainable aviation fuels made from sources that do not affect the general availability of crops used for food production, access to drinking water, biodiversity or land.

Biofuel is delivered to SAS at its main airports at Stockholm, Oslo and Copenhagen, or at a suitable airport as close as possible to the production facility. Legislation allows up to 50 percent biofuel to be used per flight. All SAS aircrafts are certified to be able to mix 50/50 fossil and biofuel.

EuroBonus members earn 500 extra points per purchased 20-minute block of biofuel. Points accrued will be distributed evenly among all passengers in the booking who have provided their EuroBonus number by the time the first leg is flown.

Points will be visible in your EuroBonus statement 4-7 days after the first flight of your booking is flown.

No retroactive registration of EuroBonus points for biofuel is possible.