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SAS Sports

SAS Sports

How it works

We offer special rates for SAS Sports travel for individual passengers and for groups (10 or more passengers). To be able to take advantage of SAS Sport fares, you need to be a member of a team or association that has a Scandinavian Sports Confederation membership and your purpose of travel must be associated with sports. All you need to do is use your association’s company code or choose your association in the list.

If your association or team is a member of the Scandinavian Sports Confederation and a member of SAS Corporate Program, you can enjoy these benefits from SAS Sports:

  • Special fare rates. Fares are applicable for domestic travel within Norway, Sweden, Denmark and to destinations in Scandinavia and within Europe. In some cases, you can also have special fares for Sports Travel to USA and Asia if you travel individually (i.e. not in a group).
  • You can bring one extra piece of baggage free of charge, in total two pieces of baggage.
  • Name change on a ticket is free of charge up to one hour before departure.*
  • You earn EuroBonus points.

Special baggage

If you are travelling with sports equipment, you need to register it as special baggage. If you travel as a group with several packages of sports equipment, you need to register the baggage in the booking before departure. You can register your special baggage here.