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Earn & redeem Credits on flights

Here’s how you earn SAS Credits on your flights
  • Buy flights with SAS, Wideroe or Singapore Airlines the company earns 2 - 4 % (depending on price and class of travel)
  • Always enter your company code (CMP) when booking
  • Maximize your Credits earning potential – make sure that everyone in the company who travels uses the company code (CMP)
Here’s how you redeem SAS Credits to pay for flight tickets
  • When your company has saved up enough Credits it is possible to start using them to book flights.
  • Pay for the entire trip using SAS Credits, or pay partly by credit card if you have not saved enough Credits at the time of booking. When paying partley by Credits book through Customer contact center.
  • Transfer the possibility to book a flight with Credits to a colleague. The contract responsible for your company needs to register eligible employees. Register colleagues

Four easy ways to book a ticket:

Earn Credits:
Use you company code (CMP) every time you make a flight booking. Enter the code on the same page where you fill in your payment details or if the company code (CMP) is included in you profile, simply login before you book.
Spend Credits:
Make a booking and choose SAS Credits instead of credit card, when you get to the payment stage. Login to confirm eligibility.


With your travel agent

Earn and Spend Credits:
Use your company code (CMP) in conjunction with all bookings.

Customer Contact Center

Spend Credits:
Contact us if you want to book a flight using SAS Credits

Customer contact center

Login & book
Log in to book flights and see your travel history.
Corporate Site
See your company’s current SAS Credits balance, statistics and retro register travels.


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