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Check-in & seat selection are available from 22 hours to 1 hour before departure for travel with SAS*. Some flights cannot be checked in below. Click here to check in and/or for more information.
*Also applies for flights with bmi Regional & LOT Polish Airlines departing from Scandinavia.

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Kaksiosaiset sukunimet tulee kirjoittaa ilman välilyöntejä tai väliviivoja (esim. SalonenVirtanen)
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Varaustunnus koostuu 5-6 numerosta ja merkistä. Löydät varaustunnuksesi matkustusasiakirjasta.
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Sulje ikkuna

Last name
If there is more than one passengers traveling with the same last name, it needs to be entered only once.

Up to 6 passengers can be checked in at the same time.

Booking reference
Your booking reference consists of 6 characters.

It can be found on your confirmation, e-ticket receipt or under 'My bookings' if you were logged in at time of booking.

Card number
The card number inserted needs to match the card number used during booking.

Travel Pass
Please, use the 9 digits of your Travel Pass number.


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