SAS for work


Earn/spend Credits on flights

SAS for work
See how to earn Credits for your flights
  • Book flights with SAS or Widerøe
    Your company earns 2-4% depending on price & class of travel.

  • Always enter your company code (CMP) when booking.

  • Maximize your Credits earning potential
    Make sure that everyone in the company uses the company code (CMP).
See how to spend SAS Credits to book flights
  • When your company has saved up enough Credits, you can start using them
    to book flights.

  • In order to use earn Credits on or through SAS Customer
    Contact Center
    , you must have a SAS Credits account. Sign up here

  • Pay for the entire trip using SAS Credits or pay partly by credit card*
    if you have not earned enough Credits at the time of booking.

  • To grant authorization to book flights with Credits to an employee, click here.

    *To book a flight partly with Credits & credit card, call
    SAS Customer Contact Center.

4 simple ways to book a flight:
Earn Credits: Use your company every time you book a flight. Enter the code on the same page where you fill in your payment details.

Spend Credits: Book & choose SAS Credits instead of credit card at payment. Log in to confirm eligibility.

With your travel agent
Earn & spend Credits:
Use your company code (CMP) in conjunction with flight bookings. (You will receive a CMP code as soon as your company signs up for SAS Credits).

Customer Contact Center
Spend Credits:
Call SAS Customer Contact Center if you want to book a flight with SAS Credits.

Book your flight through SAS Corporate Booking

SAS Corporate Booking
Earn Credits:
Log in & book flights if your company has a registered account.

Advantages with SAS Corporate Booking
Apply for access to SAS Corporate Booking

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