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SAS Travel Pass makes travel easier

SAS Travel Pass makes your travel easier, gives you flexibility & offers great
discounts. It's easy to complement your SAS Credits agreement with a
SAS Travel Pass. A Travel Pass can also be a shortcut to EuroBonus Gold &
EuroBonus Diamond. Our guide below will help you - you are always welcome
to call us.

You can now use Travel Pass prepaid for all German SAS destinations
Stockholm & Oslo. Pay the same price regardless of the destination.

Tip: If you purchase an annual Travel Pass, you will automatically become a SAS
EuroBonus Diamond member & enjoy the highest priority on wait lists among
other benefits.

Travel Pass pay as you fly

Travel pass that offers a 6% discount

...on all your company's travel in SAS Plus or SAS Business. Pay after each flight. There are no extra fees for rebooking or refunds. Travel anywhere in the world (see below).


Travel Pass prepaid

Travel Pass as a digital punch card...

...preloaded with a certain number of trips & perfect for when one or more people in the company travel regularly to the same destination or zone. Available for SAS Plus & offers a quantity-based discount on fares. Travel in the Nordic countries & selected destinations in Europe (see below). The company pays in advance, resulting in one simple invoice. Tip


Travel Pass with unlimited travel

...with 6- or 12-month validity in SAS Plus between the same destinations or zones (see below), offering a quantity-based discount on fares. The company pays in advance, resulting in one simple invoice. Tip

Top up more trips

Our Travel Pass destinations

See which destinations are are available for our Travel Pass products depending on whether you pay after you travel (Pay as you fly) or in advance (prepaid).

Pay as you fly destinations   Prepaid destinations
Travel Pass questions?
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Rules & regulations

Additional SAS Travel Passes
For corporate customers who already have a SAS Credits and/or Travel Pass & want to add more travelers to Travel Pass products
Click here


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