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Tromsø is a very popular destination for those looking to enjoy the Northern Lights and Midnight Sun. The Northern Lights and midnight sun are natural phenomenon resulting from the high latitudes of Scandinavian destinations.

Tromsø is in the centre of the northern lights zone and considered as one of the best places to view the phenomenon. The midnight sun occurs during the summer months from mid-May to late July when the sun remains above the horizon and is visible throughout the night, or all 24 hours of the day.

The time of your life

Tromsø is a place of new experiences and adventure. Both of these stem from the city's location in northern Norway.

For many years, the city has been the starting point for Arctic expeditions. Tromsø is not simply a base camp for explorers and scientists - it's a dynamic metropolis that can offer you the time of your life.

Getting out and about

Firstly, don't worry about the weather. Tromsø may be in the northern Norway, but thanks to the Gulf Stream, the climate is moderate. This allows the local residents to do what they enjoy most: getting out and about.

To get a feel of this, walk down Storgata, Tromsø's main street. Here you'll be among throngs of people shopping, listening to the buskers, or taking part in the latest festival.

You're also sure to notice the many pubs along your route. Tromsø has more pubs per capita than anywhere else in Norway. You'll never be short of friendly company if you fancy a drink and a meal.

Visit Tromsø during the two months of the midnight sun and the party atmosphere intensifies even further. In fact, you'll begin to wonder if anyone ever goes to bed.

As well as planning a trip to coincide with the midnight sun, you could also go in the winter when the Northern Lights are at their best (from October to March). Tromsø has more viewing time for the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) than anywhere else in the world.

Things to do

In keeping with its buoyant approach to life, Tromsø offers plenty of outdoor activities. Some of these you may be familiar with such as golf, hiking, cycling and canoeing. Others are more adventurous and include glacier walking, sledging with dogs, reindeer sleigh rides, ice fishing and driving a snow scooter.

Places to visit

Places worth visiting in Tromsø include Mack's Brewery, the Perspective Museum, with its exhibitions about the city, the University Museum of Tromsø, which contains exhibits from the worlds of culture and nature, the Art Museum of Northern Norway and the Polar Museum.

A museum with a difference that you should also see is Polaria. This venue gives you a good idea of the adventure and hazards of polar exploration and includes a multi-media presentation.

Another trip worth making is to the city's botanical garden. Here you'll find hardy varieties of plants, shrubs and trees from around the world that confirm Tromsø's mild climate.

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Outside Tromsø

If you want to venture outside Tromsø for some sightseeing, take a ferry to the islands that lie to the northwest. The seascapes are wonderful and you'll also have the chance to view an array of birds that live and nest on these remote outcrops of rock.

Back on land, you can take the cable car 420 metres up Storsteinen. The view over Tromsø is breathtaking.
Another popular place to visit outside the city is Lyngen. In a panorama of towering mountains, you can see Norway's biggest wooden building, Solhov folkehøgskole (the County College) built in 1924. There's also the picturesque Lyngen Church, dating back to 1731.

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What's up in Tromsø

Lyngen Alps

If you love mountains and fjords, the nearby Lyngen Alpsare the place for you.

Panoramic views

Thecable car takes you up to 460 yards (420 metres) above sea level and offers a great view.

Midnight Sun

Experience 24 hours of daylight

Crew tip
Whale watching
Grønnegata 114

Tel.: +47 77 67 46 40

From Tromsø, there are daily trips from May to August. There's a good chance that you'll see both wales and white-sided dolphins in numbers. Tickets can be bought on the boat, so pick a day with good weather and head out to the sea! /Lars, Pilot

Passenger tip
Storgata 4
Tel.: +47 77 62 45 80

A good place to start out the evening is Ølhallen, the Beer Hall. The oldest pub in Tromsø, a well known and cheerished establishemnt. They serve locally produced beer, Mack, which is also the northernmost brewery in the world. /Angelica 

Passenger tip
Lyngsfjord Adventure


This operator offers a number of activities in the nearby area of Lyngen. If you would like to experience Sami culture, they have both summer and winter tours. The Sami were the original settlers in northern Scandinavia and they have a rich cultural heritage with some beautiful handicrafts. /Pierre


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