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More perks - Book SAS Plus for your next trip

SAS Plus
For just a little more, buy a ticket that makes your travel easier and more comfortable.

  • More space onboard
  • Lounge access
  • 2 x 50 lb. checked baggage allowance
  • Fast Track access
  • Priority boarding & baggage delivery
  • Double EuroBonus points

More about travel in Europe with SAS Plus!


Fly in SAS Plus for more comfort to Scandinavia, Finland & Europe - book now!

                                 Earn double points

Perks when you fly in SAS Plus:
Choose more comfort   Relax in our lounges   Bring a little more
You are comfortable   You are relaxed   You are generous
The spacious seat with a foot rest and additional 15 cm in seat pitch offers plenty of room for relax, sleep or work and the seat layout of 28 seats (2-3-2) offers much more privacy onboard.
Enjoy lounge access in SAS Plus. You can work, check emails and use the Internet, have a snack, socialize or simply relax in a calm environment while you await your flight.   With SAS Plus, bring twice as much checked baggage with a 2 x 51 lb. checked baggage allowance.
Save your time   Get connected   Earn double
You are fast   You are connected
You are valuable
Use your time wisely - take advantage of SAS Fast Track Security access and be among the first to board and retrieve checked baggage.   Charge your laptop with your in-seat power outlet or watch movies on demand with the personal entertainment system throughout your flight.   Earn twice as many points as you would in SAS Go. For example, you will already accumulate enough points after a roundtrip intercontinental flight in SAS Plus to redeem for a domestic flight in SAS Go.
Check in quickly   Download SAS app - book directly    
You are efficient   You are mobile    
Save time with our check-in options! Check in up to 22 hours before departure on flysas.us, by SMS or through the SAS app. You can also check in at the airport at a self-service kiosk or Business check-in counter.   Manage everything in the SAS app. Downloaded the SAS app to choose your seat, check in, download your boarding pass, check flight status and much more directly on your smartphone.    


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