Boston to Scandinavia direct

Daily direct flight from Boston to Copenhagen

Fly directly from Boston to beautiful Scandinavia and get an experience for life. Scandinavia offers many unforgettable attractions for the whole family, and if you travel with a child under 2 years old, you will enjoy a 90 % discount on the price of their ticket.
Book your flight from Boston to Scandinavia and get a 24-hour return policy, online check-in 22 hours before departure and free WiFi.

Visit Scandinavia – Oslo, Stockholm and Copenhagen

Book a flight to Scandinavia and explore Scandinavia’s wild nature combined with historical buildings and castles. If you visit Scandinavia, you will also get the chance to experience Scandinavia’s three largest capitals: Oslo, Stockholm and Copenhagen. All three capitals offers many various attractions for the whole family and are great for shopping and dining as well.
Whether you wish to visit Copenhagen, Stockholm or Oslo you can fly directly from Boston.

Always included in your flight ticket from Boston to Scandinavia

We want you to have a convenient travel experience, and we have everything covered before, during and after the flight. In fact, everything listed below is always included in your flight ticket when you fly with us to Scandinavia.

Before the flight to Scandinavia

We do our outmost to ensure a good start to your flight and a smooth and pleasant experience before take-off by giving all passengers:

•    24-hour return policy & flexible rebooking possibilities.
•    Online check-in and seat selection.
•    23 kg of baggage is included in the flight ticket (1 piece of baggage).
•    Child discount up to 90 % - children under 2 years old enjoy a 90 % discount on the price of their ticket.

During the flight to Scandinavia

The flight from Boston to Copenhagen takes approx. 8 hours, and we want you to feel comfortable when you are in the air. Therefore, on our long distance flights you will always get:

•    High comfort with newly upgraded cabins and new improved seats.
•    Available Wi-Fi and ability to make calls & use your mobile phone inflight.
•    In-seat Personal HD screens with Audio and on-demand entertainment.
•    Power ports plus individual USB ports.
•    A large selection of food and beverages on the intercontinental flight.
•    Complimentary coffee, tea, and water onboard regardless of the time of day.

Things to see and do in Scandinavia

Scandinavia is a historical and cultural-linguistic region in the Northern Europe and known as the three kingdoms of Denmark, Norway and Sweden.
If you wish to visit Scandinavia, you will not only experience the three regions old and fascinating history, but also wild nature and modern capitals offering great shopping and fine dining.
Denmark, Norway and Sweden are all child-friendly countries providing great attractions for the whole family.

Visit Copenhagen - a historic and innovative city

Copenhagen is an old, small and beautiful city with great historical and modern attractions. If you visit Copenhagen with SAS you will find a wide range of entertainment for the whole family, and we highly recommend you to visit the World-famous amusement park Tivoli, Copenhagen Zoo and the famous pedestrian promenade Stroget.
Denmark is also home to the world’s oldest monarchy and therefore you can visit a number of very beautiful castles in the city.
When dinnertime approaches, Copenhagen offers great restaurants and cafes, where you can enjoy the traditional Danish open-faced sandwiches.

Visit Stockholm - A unique city with great attractions

Stockholm is one of the most beautiful capitals in Europe. The city is located in fantastic surroundings, and actually are Sweden’s capital Stockholm spread out over 14 islands in Lake Mälaren.
If you visit Stockholm, you will experience a lot of big-city life, culture, history and nature, which makes Stockholm one of Europe’s busiest destinations.
The capital of Sweden offers many famous attractions for the whole family such as the Royal Castle, the Old Town and Tivoli Grona Lund, and if you go the center of the city, you will find popular shopping areas and great restaurants and bars.
Go visit Stockholm with SAS – it is an experience for life.

Visit Oslo - Europe`s most charming city

Oslo is a very charming city and well-known for its blend of the old and modern worlds. If you visit Oslo with SAS, you will visit a 1000 years old city with many beautiful and historical attractions for the whole family.
If you travel to Oslo, do not forget to visit Norway’s royal family’s home, the Royal Palace, The Viking Ship Museum and Norway’s largest amusement park TusenTryd. We also recommend you to visit Vigelandsparken: a unique sculpture park with more than 200 sculptures in bronze, granite and cast iron.
If you wish to explore Oslo the Oslo-way, we recommend you to rent a bike and experience Oslo’s charming surroundings on two wheels.

Cheap flight tickets to Scandinavia –book early and save money

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