Scandinavia is made up of three countries — Norway, Denmark and Sweden — with three different yet connected personalities. Norway’s majestic natural scenery is unrivaled and offers an endless amount of outdoor activities.  Denmark is steeped in history but also a modern design center for Europe. Sweden has a little of everything — rugged scenery as well as a rich history and modern sensibilities. Cities throughout Scandinavia blend history and tradition with the modern age. Each country has its own distinct attractions that make Scandinavia a unique travel experience for visitors.

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With stunning vistas of snow-covered mountains and beautiful fjords, Norway is a scenic paradise. Outdoor enthusiasts will find no shortage of landscape to explore and activities to keep them busy. But, natural beauty is not all that Norway has to offer.  Norway’s citizens enjoy a high standard of living, and the country takes great pride not only in their surroundings but also in their cultural heritage and traditions.

From the capital city of Oslo to the remote Arctic wilderness of Svalbard, Norway’s vibrant cities and wondrous landscapes make Scandinavia’s ”land of the midnight sun” one of the world’s most unique and beautiful destinations.

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History and culture are only a part of Sweden’s amazing appeal. Cities here, from Stockholm to Malmo, blend traditional culture with modern sensibilities. However, similar to the rest of Scandinavia this lightly populated country is also home to islands, forests, towering mountains, crystal-clear waters and star-lit views. You’ll find Sweden every bit as charming as you’d imagine. The landscape is rugged, yet serene. The people, known to be some of Scandinavia’s most earnest, are genuine and friendly.

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And if you find yourself with more time to spare, venture over to Finland, Iceland and even the Faroe Islands, all of which are sometimes considered to be part and parcel of this beautiful Northern European region called Scandinavia.


Home to the oldest royal family in the world, Denmark has an incredibly rich history. From its Viking past to its mid-century modern designers, a visit to Denmark presents a myriad of sightseeing options for all varieties of travelers to Scandinavia. Copenhagen, the capital city of Denmark, cannot be missed. Equally worth a visit is Hamlet’s castle in Helsingborg and the northernmost tip of the country in Skagen. This is where the two parts of the North Sea meet, providing a particularly diverse view of Scandinavia and the Danish landscape.

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