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Enjoy world-class service and comfort on your Russia flights when you travel with SAS. Visit our website, where you can quickly find Russia flights, book tickets, and check in online. SAS makes it convenient to travel to Russia with flights from 4 hubs in the US: New York, Washington, Chicago & San Francisco.

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When you fly with SAS, our priority is to provide you with the best travel experience possible. On your way to Russia, relax in our ergonomic seats, choose from a variety of menu options and enjoy a range of in-flight entertainment choices. When available, passengers in SAS Business and SAS Plus, which one can upgrade to from SAS Go, can take advantage of Fast Track security. We also have a 24-hour return policy in case you need to make a change in your itinerary. Passengers can only refund/change restricted tickets within 24 hours of purchase.

If you’re traveling with children, you have a number of convenient options to choose from on your Russia flights. All SAS planes feature an entertainment system in every seat with movie channels, music, stories and video games. You can order infant and kids meals at least 24 hours in advance on SAS transatlantic flights. Bassinets for babies up to 9 months old are also availble—you just need to book in advance. With all SAS flights, earn EuroBonus frequent flyer points for future flights, hotel stays and car rentals.

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Russia is the largest country in Europe, covering more than 6.5 million square miles of land. Moscow, Russia's capital, can be a bit rough around the edges at times, but is definitely worth a visit. The city is filled with must-see sights representing key times throughout Russian history, including St. Basil's Cathedral, Lenin's Mausoleum, Red Square and the Kremlin.

St. Petersburg is the epitome of European elegance with attractions like the Hermitage Museum, which houses one of the world's largest collections of fine art.

Get ready for a little adventure and book your Russia flights online with SAS today.

Russia is the largest country in Europe, covering more than 6.5 million square miles of land. The country also has extensive coastlines bordering the Arctic and Pacific Oceans as well as the Baltic, Caspian and Black Seas.

Russia's long tumultuous history includes many periods of prosperity, conquest and oppressive rule. Since the fall of the Soviet Union, Russia has evolved and come into its own as a travel destination.

Visit Russia’s most popular cities, Moscow and St. Petersburg, and take in the grand architectural sights and cultural activities. Or take a trip to picturesque Novgorod, home to some of Russia's oldest historical monuments.

Regardless of where you go in Russia, the country is a fascinating place to travel, offering visitors a little adventure and a unique travel experience. Find out about flights to Russia on SAS today.

Moscow, St. Petersburg and Novgorod

Moscow, Russia's capital, is the largest city in Europe and one of the largest in the world. It is filled with must-see sights representing key periods of Russian history, including St. Basil’s Cathedral, Lenin's Mausoleum, Red Square and the Kremlin, the residence of past czars as well as the seat of power for the former Soviet Union.

While Moscow can be a little rough around the edges at times, St. Petersburg is the epitome of European elegance and high culture. Visit the Hermitage Museum, which houses one of the world's largest collections of fine art. Admire the baroque and neoclassical architecture and scenic canals in the city. Take in an opera, visit one of many contemporary art galleries or just enjoy St. Peterburg's vibrant nightlife.

For a change of pace, visit Novgorod, one of Russia's oldest cities. Founded in the 9th or 10th century, Novgorod was plundered numerous times throughout its history—most recently during World War II, when the Nazis occupied the city and destroyed the majority of Novogorod’s historical monuments. Luckily, some of the monuments survived or were restored, including the Byzantine St. Sophia Cathedral, one of the oldest buildings in Russia.

Arts and culture

In addition to the Hermitage Museum, Russia is home to numerous museums dedicated to Russian science, culture and history. The Memorial Museum of Astronautics highlights the history of the Russian space program. Moscow and St. Petersburg also have several museums dedicated to famous Russian authors including Tolstoy, Chekov and Dostoevsky.

Take the time to see a performance of Russian opera or ballet and when you're ready for a break, join the locals at the banya, a traditional Russian bathhouse. Also not to be missed is Russia's symbol of hospitality: the tradition of afternoon tea, where tea is served from an antique samovar and accompanied by a feast of small dishes, including caviar on toast.


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