Flights to Molde

Flights to Molde
SAS makes flying to Molde, Norway easy. Find Molde flights, book tickets and check in online. SAS offers non-stop flights to other Scandinavian cities from our 4 US hubs: New York, Washington, Chicago & San Francisco.

Comfort and convenience

SAS is committed on creating the most pleasant and convenient travel experience possible for our passengers. Our planes are equipped with ergonomic seats to help ensure a comfortable flight. We also offer multiple in-flight entertainment options and a variety of menu choices—along with a 24-hour return policy.

Passengers in SAS Business or SAS Plus, to which they can upgrade from SAS Go, can take advantage of Fast Track security access where available. Everyone can earn EuroBonus frequent flyer points on all SAS flights to apply to future trips, hotel stays and car rentals.

SAS also has a number of convenient options to help families traveling with children. All SAS flights have an entertainment system integrated into the seats that features a broad range of movie channels, music, stories and video games.

Infant and kids meals that can be ordered up to 24 hours in advance on transatlantic SAS flights. Baby bassinets for children up to nine months old are also available by reserving in advance.

Easy online booking

Quickly find and book your Molde flights. Our site makes it easy to choose your departure, book tickets and check in online. SAS has flight connections to Molde from other cities in the US as well as non-stop flights to other Scandinavian cities from New York, Washington, Chicago & San Francisco.

About Molde

Molde is a scenic town located on the shoreline of the Romsdalfjord on the west coast of Norway. The town offers plenty of outdoor recreation to keep visitors entertained, along with beautiful scenery such as the famous Molde Panorama—a panoramic view of the surrounding, snow-covered Romsdal Alps. Hike up to the Varden Viewpoint to get a great view of the town, fjords and the Molde Panorama.

You can also drive the scenic Atlantic Road, which offers dramatic vistas of the sea, fjords and mountains. In town, visit the Romsdalmuseet open-air museum for a glimpse of local life from the 14th through 20th centuries. Molde also plays host to one of Europe's oldest international jazz festivals, Moldejazz.

Book your flight to Molde and learn more about the city as well as other SAS destinations.



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