Although Europe is the world's second smallest continent, it covers a lot of diverse geography — from the Atlantic Ocean in the west to Russia in the east all the way to the Arctic Circle in the north and the Mediterranean in the south. Europe’s diversity is reflected in its cultures, attractions and activities, giving Europe an irresistible allure that continues to draw a large numbers of visitors year after year.

From outdoor wonderlands like Norway, Sweden, Finland, Latvia and Lithuania to charming picturesque places like Denmark, Austria and the Netherlands to ever-popular destinations like Germany, France and Italy, Europe offers something for everyone. And no matter how many times you visit, there is always something else to discover in Europe — whether it's a new museum, unexplored wilderness or an up-and-coming destination.

Multiple personalities and endless activities

Part of Europe's draw is its broad diversity of landscapes, cultures, cities, sights and activities — not only throughout the continent, but often throughout an individual country. Untamed wilderness in Finland and Latvia is balanced with dynamic urban centers like Helsinki and Rīga. Beer flows freely in GermanyIreland and Belgium as does culture, history, beautiful landscapes and vibrant nightlife. You'll eat and drink your way through France and Italy while admiring artistic masterpieces, charming countrysides, historical monuments — and soaking in the cosmopolitan personalities of modern cities like Paris, Rome, Venice and Florence. Visit Scandinavia and discover the scenic paradise, outdoor adventure and fairy tale charm of Denmark, Norway and Sweden.

Whether you're an outdoor enthusiast, culture vulture, food and wine connoisseur or anything in between, you'll find more than enough to see and do in Europe to keep you engaged and entertained no matter how many times you return.

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