Guide to Umeå

Guide to Umea


Umeå is a buoyant university city that's developing fast. It's the sort of place where you may find it hard not to embrace the sense of enthusiasm that flourishes here.

Alongside this positive approach to life, Umeå offers plenty of chances to relax and to experience local culture. This helps make the city such a captivating place to visit.


One of the favourite places in the Umeå region to relax is Holmön Island.

Holmön lies 16 miles (26 km) from the city, but you can easily reach it by using one of the free ferries from Norrfjärden. If you go when the weather's nice, don't forget to take your swim gear. There are some great opportunities for bathing along the island's beaches.

If you fancy a walk beside a river through forests and ravines, visit the Lögdeälven River Wilderness Trail near Umeå on the mainland. The trail follows the Lögdeälven River for 80 km. As you stroll along it, keep an eye open for beavers. They’re shy creatures, but it’s possible to spot them if you remain alert.

To actually handle animals, including snakes, take a trip to Umeå’s tropical greenhouse. As well as a range of exotic creatures, the greenhouse has a display of tropical plants and a geological exhibition.

Back in the outdoors, why not try one of Umeå's dog sledging tours? You can sit on the sledge and enjoy the ride through forests and valleys or drive a team of dogs yourself.


Umeå's museums and galleries reflect both its past and present.

At the Friluftmuseet, for instance, you can wander among restored buildings. You can also watch the museum’s staff as they recreate a former way of life.

Just 1 km east of Umeå at Gammlia, there are three other venues worth a visit. The Maritime Museum tells the story of the ships and water-based industries of the region, Bildmuseet has an excellent collection of modern art and Västerbottens Museum has exhibits related to the Sami people, the indigenous population of this area of Sweden.

Another place you should make a point of seeing while you're in Umeå is Umedalen Sculpture Park. Here you can walk among more than 30 outdoor sculptures. There's also a modern indoor art gallery.

Finally, don't miss Umeå's Umevatoriet observatory. The tours include interactive learning that's a pleasure for children and adults alike.

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What's up in Umeå

Sculpture Park

Indoor and outdoor exhibitions of international contemporary art

Spend a night in prison

Don't worry - they will let you out in the morning.

King of the forest

Tame elks at the Elk House. See the gigantic beast up close.



Crew tip
On the island Stora Fjäderägg, you'll find this gem among hostels. Newly renovated, but still very basic. No indoor plumming and you'll have to wash yourself in the sea. Get there from Holmön, sailing on a replica of a 17th-century sloop. Book at least a day ahead. /Björn, pilot

Passenger tip
Rex Bar & Grill
Tel.: +46 90 126 050

Located in one of Umeå's most beatiful stone buildings, the Old Town Hall. The food is good, with regional specialities and an impressive winelist. Besides the restaurant, Rex is a popular nightclub among in Umeå. /Anna-Karin

Passenger tip
Kungsgatan 101
Tel.: +46 90 140 170

The best way to get around town is on a bike. Rent one from Cykel & Mopedhandlaren. The town is not that big and you can reach sights outside town as well. /Berit


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