Stockholm weather

Weather in Stockholm

Stockholm weather

The vibrant Swedish city of Stockholm tends to experience variable weather conditions throughout the year. This is mainly due to the city's northern latitude. However, unlike many of the towns and cities further to the north in Scandinavia, Stockholm rarely experiences extreme weather conditions. Generally speaking, days are short in the winter and long in the summer and it is possible to experience rain at any time of the year.

The largest numbers of both domestic and international flights to Stockholm are usually received during the summer, the most popular time of year to visit the city, although Stockholm also attracts a good number of winter visitors.


Summer in Stockholm generally lasts from May to August. At this time of year, the city enjoys an average of nine hours of sunshine a day. Summer temperatures range from 20° to 25°C, although high pressure conditions that move over Russia from time to time sometimes push the temperature up a little. The mountains that run along the border with Norway generally shield Stockholm from harsh Atlantic winds, although it is not unusual to experience rainy days during the summer.


Although winters are cold in Stockholm, they tend to be milder than in other parts of Sweden. Average temperatures in the winter months are around from -5° to 1°C and it is common to encounter snow in the winter, especially in the months of December and January. However, the sky is usually bright and clear at this time of year and ice skating on outdoor ice rinks set up in various parts of the city is a popular winter pastime.


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