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Anyone who wants to spend a holiday in one of the most interesting places on earth should strongly consider visiting Shanghai. China is now one of the world's top holiday destinations and Shanghai is the best city to visit for those who both love to shop and witness rapid urban transformation. We will cover some of the most unique attractions in Shanghai below.

If Shanghai appeals to you, your best way to get to there from the UK is with SAS to Shanghai Airport. Here are some of the top attractions in Shanghai.


This is the most popular and largest shopping street in China. It is divided by Nanjing Road East and Nanjing Road West. While it is recommended that you experience both, if you only have time for one, go to Nanjing Road East. It is easier to navigate and a little more laid back since it is only for pedestrians. Regardless of which area you choose to visit, you will find excellent bargain shopping opportunities.


This is an absolute must see if you're visiting China. It is easy to reach from Nanjing Road since they are right next to each other. In People's Square, you will find much more to see and do. The first thing you can do is marvel at the architecture of all the buildings and sheer size of the skyscrapers. The enormous Coke bottle on the edge of the Coca-Cola building will also grab your attention. There are also amusement park rides, large grassy fields, fountains, gardens, ponds, sculptures and much more.

You will notice many lights everywhere. This makes People's Square similar in appearance to Times Square in New York, but the atmosphere is completely different. That should be expected considering it is on the other side of the world. One final note on People's Square is that if you are into history or being awed, be sure to check out the government headquarter building.


This is one of the most unique buildings in the world. Just staring at it from the outside is an event in itself. Many people walk around the building to see the different angles for hours and that’s enough for them. They never enter the museum. If you do choose to enter the museum, you will see a lot of Chinese antiques and artefacts.


The Shanghai Ocean Aquarium offers many of the same features you would find at most other top-tier aquariums. You will also find the largest underwater tunnel in the world as well as an Oranda goldfish named Bruce that is over 17 inches long. The former is fun to navigate, especially since you're walking below sea creatures. The latter is named after Bruce Lee.


If you're idea of fun is going on a boat ride on a lake, watching people perform or walking along large and scenic paths, visit Lu Xun Park.


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