Flights to Scandinavia

Flights to Scandinavia
Touring Scandinavia is a great way to spend a holiday that combines sightseeing, activities and relaxation. You also have the chance to experience the cultures and common bonds of the three Scandinavian countries, Denmark, Norway and Sweden.


Wherever you go in Scandinavia you’re sure to eat and drink well. The people here take pride in the quality and freshness of their food. Denmark in particular boasts a cuisine that’s uniformly excellent. Visit Copenhagen, for instance, and there are more Michelin-starred restaurants than any other Scandinavian city.

Apart from the food, Denmark has some of the best sandy beaches in Scandinavia. If you want to join the locals and bask in the sun, visit Skagen in northern Denmark and the island of Bornholm in the Baltic Sea. The latter has 30 km of beaches set between impressive cliffs. Bornholm also has the reputation of being one of the sunniest parts of Scandinavia.


No matter what city in Scandinavia you visit, you’ll find clubs and bars that are lively and friendly. When you go to Norway, you’ll certainly discover a thriving night scene, especially in the capital of Oslo.

Outside Oslo, Norway offers outdoor activities in some of Scandinavia’s most impressive landscapes. At Jotunheimen National Park, you can hike around glaciers, lakes and waterfalls. If you're a climber, you have a choice of 275 peaks in the national park that are higher than 2000m.

For a less strenuous time, take a trip to Røros. This area has a beautifully preserved copper-mining town, one of the many UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Scandinavia. Brightly painted wooden homes stretch up the mountainside, flanked by a forest rich with wildlife.


Both Norway and Sweden give you the chance to see one of Scandinavia's most spectacular natural wonders, the Northern Lights. Lapland in northern Sweden is a particularly good location for the lights. Depending on the time of year, you can also enjoy the midnight sun and 24-hour days.

Elsewhere in Sweden, you can visit some of Scandinavia's oldest historical sites. These include the prehistoric burial mounds on the island of Gotland. The city of Visby on Gotland also has some of Scandinavia’s best preserved medieval homes and villages.

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