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Oslo Airport

Quick guide to Oslo Airport Gardermoen

Oslo Airport, also known as Gardermoen, is the main air terminus serving Oslo, approximately 30 miles (50 kilometres) away. Gardermoen is both the domestic and international hub of Norway's air travel and is the second-busiest airport in the entire Nordic region.

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Unlike some international airports, Gardermoen is laid out in a single terminal, which makes finding one's way around relatively easy. It is split into different areas for check-in, arrivals and departure and divided into domestic and international flight areas and a purely international flights zone. For those using Gardermoen to leave Norway, the check-in process is largely automated, with easy to use self-service kiosks allowing customers to beat the usual queues of waiting passengers. In addition, an information desk is open 24 hours a day in the arrivals hall and is probably the best place for a newcomer to ask questions about the airport or onward travel to Oslo and other Norwegian towns.

Oslo Airport services

As expected of a major international airport, Gardermoen boasts a whole host of amenities and facilities, making a transfer or long wait in the airport pass by quickly. A number of food options exist, with more than 20 different outlets to choose from. Refreshments are available around the clock at a number of outlets, including a Starbucks before check-in and the food market located in the international section of the terminal. If you are looking for some shopping, Gardermoen is the place to go, with the duty-free shop in the departures area officially the largest in Europe at 16,500 square feet (1530 square metres). Located in front of the international concourse, almost anything that you can imagine looking for can be found here. 

Gardermoen also offers a number of other amenities, including free wireless Internet access for all passengers through a code available from all food facilities in the terminal. Eighteen ATMs offer a range of currencies both before and after check-in, while storage lockers opposite the train station allow goods to be stored securely. There are even play areas for children in both the domestic and international sections of the terminal, as well as a quiet room for those wanting a more peaceful environment in the domestic zone.

Transport to and from Oslo Airport

The airport boasts excellent travel links to Oslo and surrounding areas, with car rentals available from firms. Rent a car trough us and it will be ready for you at the airport on the west side of the arrivals hall.

Online reservations can be made for private shuttles to and from Oslo and the frequent 
Airport Express train take passengers between the airport and the capital in as little as under 20 minutes. The train station also serves the lines between Trondheim and Lillehammer, while a regional line serves the route between Kongsberg and Eidsvoll.

Bus services also leave every 20 minutes to Oslo and a busy taxi rank is available just outside the arrivals hall. If you choose to drive to and from the airport yourself, the 
airport parking offers both short and long-term options.
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