Guide to Molde

Guide to Molde

Molde is one of the most diverse cities in Norway. All visitors will find something of interest to occupy them from the moment they arrive to the moment they leave.


Many Norwegian cities and towns have festivals, but only one of them has Moldejazz. Every July, Molde hosts the longest-running and largest jazz festival in Europe.

Featuring more than 100 acts over the period of a week, Moldejazz draws tens of thousands of music enthusiasts. If you want to attend, remember to book well in advance.

If you miss Moldejazz, you may be able to catch one or more of the other festivals in Molde. Among the most prestigious is the Bjørnson International Literature Festival in August. The festival is the oldest of its kind in the country and takes its name from the Nobel Prize winner for literature Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson (1832-1910).


Festivals, though, are just a small part of the Molde experience. The city lies on the northern shore of the Romsdalsfjord, part of the Romsdal peninsula, in a location that’s ideal for sightseeing.

To appreciate this to the fullest, take a trip to Varden, a viewpoint above Molde. From here, a fantastic panorama that includes the city, the fjord and the sea stretches out before you.

For other wonderful views, take to the road on the Trollstigen. This is Norway's most popular tourist route and you'll soon discover why. Test your driving skills to the limit as you negotiate 11 hairpin bends and climb 858 metres above sea level.

While you're in Molde, you should also visit Mardalsfossen. This is the tallest waterfall in northern Europe and the fourth-highest in the world.


Molde and its surrounding area have attracted international tourists for 200 years thanks to the quality of its fishing. In the Driva, Eira and Rauma rivers, you'll find excellent sea char, sea trout and salmon. In the lakes, there’s an abundance of trout and in the Romsdalsfjord you can fish for mackerel, cod and Pollock from the shore or by boat.

If you want to combine your fishing with a tour of some of the local fishing villages around Molde, you are spoiled for choice. One of the most popular is Bud, which lies on the end of the Romsdal peninsula. It's worth seeing not just for the fishing community, but also for its coastal defences from the World War II. These include a restored German fort.

Some of the other fishing villages such as Bjørnsund, Håholmen and Ona are more remote. To visit them, take a boat excursion and enjoy the inspiring seascapes.

Other activities

Apart from fishing, Molde is a superb base for hiking and skiing expeditions. For hiking, try Moldemarka. This is a forest area north of Molde. There are paths, marked trails and lakes. Notice boards at Moldemarka provide maps and information.

A route with a particularly steep hiking trail is at Trollkirka, half an hour outside Molde. Once you park your car, follow a path that you should be able to complete in about an hour. The terrain is demanding, but you will come across a marble grotto that takes you down to an underground waterfall at the end. Seeing the grotto and water is a magical experience.

There are also plenty of opportunities for both alpine and cross-country skiing around Molde. You can use established slopes or head off-piste as you enjoy the scenery.

Extreme sports

A further attraction that draws many people to Molde is the opportunity to participate in extreme sports, including base jumping. This involves jumping off a mountain or glacier with a parachute.

Among the other sports that can challenge your skills and endurance are ice climbing, bouldering and extreme rock climbing. One of the most popular of the local peaks for rock climbing is Trollveggen. This is Europe’s highest vertical overhanging mountain face and not for the inexperienced and faint-hearted!

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