Flights to Latvia

Flights to Latvia


Latvia's a surprising place. Many people come here not really knowing what to expect. They return home with the excitement of having discovered a fascinating country that mass tourism has so far bypassed. With flights to Latvia on SAS, you are guaranteed a great experience.

The capital

The capital of Latvia is Rīga. The 800-year-old city has experienced a turbulent past, most recently during the Second World War. Since regaining independence and joining the European Union, it has emerged as a thriving urban centre that can set your pulse racing.

Located on the Daugava River, Rīga is a city of turrets and steeples. The impressive skyline, combined with stunning Art Nouveau architecture and ancient cobbled streets, have helped earn Rīga's Old Town the status of a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

This doesn't mean that Rīga is a town that lives in the past. It's developing quickly with excellent places to dine out and great nightlife. You may find it hard to resist the enthusiasm in this dynamic city.


There is much more to Latvia than its capital alone. Leaving the city, you will encounter an unpretentious land of medieval villages and busy towns that's ripe for exploration.

One area you should consider visiting is the Gauja Valley east of Rīga. Take in the picturesque splendour of villages where the outside world rarely seems to penetrate alongside ruined castles and surrounded by dense pine forests.

In the Gauja Valley lies Gauja National Park between Sigulda and Valmiera. This is a wonderful area for hiking and getting away from it all. Why not traverse through the forests or along its rivers? You can also experience the tranquillity of the park in a canoe or on a bike.

You can combine these relaxing activities with more vigorous pursuits if you wish. Enjoy the thrills of bungee jumping and the pleasures of skiing and bobsleighing.


The main urban area of the Gauja Valley is the town of Sigulda.  It stands on a hill on the southern edge and acts as a winter sports centre and health resort.

Elsewhere in the Gauja Valley is the town of Cēsis. This is a delightful place that gives you a true flavour of what Latvia is really like. If you have opportunity, attend a summer open-air concert that uses the town's tumbledown castle as a fantastic backdrop.


As well as the countryside, Latvia has a wonderful coastline. Cape Kolka, for instance, has untouched beaches and cliffs broken only by friendly villages where the main occupation is sea fishing.

Latvia also has more traditional seaside delights to offer you. These come in the form of resorts such as Jūrmala on the Baltic Sea. Even here, you'll find an atmosphere that’s distinctly Latvian. This unique quality is everywhere you go. No matter how seasoned a traveller you are, Latvia will delight and entrance you.

Travel tips

Latvia's currency is the lat, written as Ls.

If you're an EU citizen, you don't need a visa for trips of up to 90 days.

Most staff in tourist information offices speak English.

If you're travelling in the Latvian countryside, try country guesthouses for accommodation. They're charming and good value.


If you’re taking your family on a holiday, book your flights to Latvia with SAS and benefit from more than just cheap fares.

For instance, SAS gives you up to a 25% discount on fares for all children aged 2-11. If you are travelling with an infant, you’ll pay just 10%. These offers alone put SAS streets ahead of the competition and make SAS the best option for your flights to Latvia.


Another great benefit when you organise your flights to Latvia with SAS is peace of mind. Not only can you book your flights online, you can receive flight information by sms on your mobile phone. You can also check in online or use the self-service terminals and SAS baggage drops at the airport.

This means that you can arrive at the airport refreshed and relaxed. After all, the point of a holiday with your family is enjoyment, not stress.


When you book flights to Latvia with SAS, you can choose your seats in advance online. When you board the plane, this can resolve family debates about who has the window or aisle seats because you can take care of them before you fly.

Last-minute changes

When travelling as a family, you have to prepare for the unexpected. If one of your children falls ill at the last moment, for example, you cannot leave him or her behind. By the time the child is well again, you may have missed your holiday and lost most of the money you paid for it or arrange other flights to Latvia at great expense.

If you upgrade to SAS Plus, you can put your mind at rest. Make flight changes without penalty or get a full refund if you cancel. You can also take advantage of the superb SAS Plus service that includes an in-flight meal for each member of your family. Book with SAS today and combine great value with fantastic service.


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