Helsinki weather

Helsinki weather

Helsinki, the capital city of Finland, is located at 61°15'N and 28°15'E - truly a northern town. The northern exposure means the weather in Helsinki tends to be brisk once autumn and winter set in and the days get a little shorter. However, the moment the crisp air meets the first snowfall, Helsinki turns into a picture-perfect scene of glistening landscapes.

Spring in Helsinki

April heralds the end of winter and start of spring when the days begin to get longer and warmer. Springtime in Helsinki is beautiful and ideal for those looking to see the nature blossom in the fresh Baltic air.

Summer in Helsinki

Summers in Helsinki are very bright, adding to the picturesque city scenes all year round. When flying with SAS to Finland during the summer tourist season, average temperatures are between 18 to 26°C from late May to August.

During the summer in Helsinki, expect to see street musicians, open-air cafés and many people enjoying the long summer days and sunny warmth. Because of the northern exposure, daylight in the summer is often 18 to 20 hours. Conversely, during the long winters, the darkness sets in early, with the resourceful locals finding creative ways to light their homes.

"Shoulder season" in Helsinki

"Shoulder season," perhaps the peak time in Helsinki, sees somewhat lower temperatures in early September through October at an average of 5 to 12°C.

There are several ice and winter festivals held in Helsinki each year, as well as many loppets, or cross-country ski events and races. These are often followed up with live music, food, drink and friendly conversation.

Helsinki is often at its coldest at the end of January, when temperatures can be as low as -15°C.  While you’ll need to dress warmly, it won’t keep you from looking to venture outside and take in the snow-covered ground and stunning frozen sea views.

Enjoy the northern lights

If the weather gets appropriately and sufficiently cold, adventurous tourists will be in for a treat in the form of the magical and awe-inspiring northern lights, or Aurora Borealis, which makes Finland a truly magnificent place to enjoy such amazing natural beauty.

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