Flights to Finland

Flights to Finland

Free extras

When you book flights to Finland with SAS, you get a range of free services. These include several check-in options, flight information by sms and the opportunity to earn EuroBonus points on our frequent flyer programme.

These services come in an all-inclusive price that represents terrific value for money. Once onboard your SAS flight, the great service continues. You get a comfortable seat that you can choose free of charge. You can also consider upgrading to SAS Plus from SAS Go on your flights to Finland.

The benefits of upgrading

Upgrading to SAS Plus gives you access to services that make flying with SAS even more enjoyable.

To start with, you have the assurance of knowing that if you need to change your flights to Finland, you can do so for free. If you have to cancel your flights altogether, SAS give you a full refund.

With SAS Plus, you can also experience the time-saving convenience of Fast Track security at the airport where available. This service means you don't have to stand in line at security, especially during busy travel periods.

Treat yourself

When you book with SAS, you also earn EuroBonus Basic points. On top of this, you're entitled to extra points if you're a EuroBonus Silver or Gold member.

Why not treat yourself to the extra luxury and benefits of SAS Plus when you book your cheap flights to Finland? You won't regret it.

Nature, landscapes and wildlife

If you enjoy nature, landscapes and wildlife, you will love Finland. You will want to come again to take in the incredible surprises and beauty the country offers.

Lakes and forests

Finland has an astonishing 187,888 lakes. Many are small and isolated, while others cover vast and impressive expanses. For example, Lake Saimaa is the fourth-largest in Europe.

There are so many lakes, you might think there's little room left for solid ground. However, 75% of Finland consists not of water, but of wonderfully quiet and spectacular forests.

This combination of unspoiled lakes and trees has led to the creation of 35 national parks. Unfortunately, unless you have unlimited time, you can only hope to visit several of them. Some of the most popular are those in Lapland in northern Finland. These include Pallas-Yllästunturi, Oulanka and Urho Kekkonen. Among the national parks worth visiting in other regions of the country are Nuuksio and Ekenäs Archipelago in southern Finland and Repovesi in the southeast.


One of the great pleasures of spending time in Finland's national parks is the opportunity to see wildlife. Many tourist agencies offer wildlife watching, particularly in northern Finland and the northeastern region of Kainuu.

The most popular animals to observe are bears. The brown bear is the national animal of Finland and an exciting creature to spot in the wild. Check in advance for the availability of bear watching tours - after all, bears spend many months of the winter in hibernation.

Other animals you may see in the wild are grey wolves, elk and reindeer. If you're lucky, you may also catch a glimpse of rarer beasts such as Arctic foxes, golden eagles, flying squirrels or Saimaa ringed seals.

Other activities

Many people like to combine wildlife watching in Finland with a wide range of outdoor pursuits. Some of these may be completely new to you: dog-sledding, for instance. There are others you may be more familiar with such as skiing. What you may not expect, though, is the invigorating beauty of the landscape when you take part in any outdoor activity.

Another popular pursuit in Finland is fishing. There are around 70 freshwater species of fish in the country’s lakes and rivers. Bring your fly fishing rod and you can also spend time catching the famous Atlantic salmon in freshwater lakes and rivers.

Whether you want to observe nature, engage in open-air activities or relax in a spectacular environment, come to Finland. Book your cheap flight with SAS now and look forward to a wonderful adventure.

With flights to Finland on SAS, you are guaranteed a great experience.


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