Flights to Estonia

Flights to Estonia

A great place to unwind

A frequent comment about Estonia by visitors is that the country is a great place to unwind. Even the cosmopolitan city of Tallinn, with its busy cafés, shops and hip nightclubs, is a favourite destination for anyone looking to take it easy.

You'll never tire of Estonia

Another comment about Estonia is that you'll never tire of it. You may find this surprising for a country that's relatively small. However, when you fly with SAS to Estonia and land in Tallinn, Pärnu, Tartu or Kuressaare, you'll soon see why you'll want to return.

Estonia offers a beguiling blend of history, scenery and serenity. Join an excursion to Estonia's second-largest island Hiiumaa and you’ll understand why. A meteor strike created the island hundreds of millions of years ago. Since then, it has developed fantastic beaches that are wild, beautiful and set in a stunning location.

After walking or simply resting on Hiiumaa, head for the Estonian capital Tallinn or the university city of Tartu. Stroll through these wonderful cities and let the architecture, history, restaurants and shops impress and delight you.


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Cities, towns, villages and spas

Fly SAS to Estonia and enjoy a country that has so much to offer the tourist. Estonia may be the smallest of the Baltic nations, with a population of 1.3 million, but it has cities, towns, villages and spas that will seduce and inspire you.

Walk through the cobbled streets of the capital, Tallinn, during the day and you'll see cafés, restaurants and shops alongside restored 14th-century buildings. Make the same trip at night and you'll witness a sophisticated modern city pulsing with nightclubs and bars amid the splendour of a medieval past.

185 km south of Tallinn is Estonia's second-largest city, Tartu. Dating back 1000 years, Tartu is the "spiritual" capital of Estonia, a vibrant city that is the country's main university town. While there, take time to stroll along the peaceful riverfront and wander among the splendid 18th-century buildings in the centre.

Another 44 km south of Tartu is the town of Otepää. Join the Estonian who come here in the summer to swim and in the winter to go cross-country skiing.

The island of Saaremaa is also well worth a visit. Saaremaa is the largest of Estonia's islands and partly covered by pine and spruce forests. These give the air a clean and revitalising quality.

Distinctive windmills, lighthouses and small villages pepper the island. At Kuressaare, there's also a 13th century castle and spa. The spa has been popular since the 19th century thanks to the restorative properties of the local mud. With cheap flights to Estonia on SAS, you are guaranteed a great experience.

Natural beauty

The natural beauty of Estonia was once unknown outside its borders. But tourism has now spread the story of its incredible variety and charm.

One place to see this magnificent scenery at its best is the Lahemaa National Park in the north-east of the country. The Park has trails along which you can walk or cycle through wonderful forests and around the perimeter of spectacular bays. If you love such a combination of water and lush countryside, you must definitely spend some time here: apart from the sea, Lahemaa has four waterfalls, eight rivers and fourteen lakes.

Great scenery is not restricted to the National Park, however. Wherever you go in Estonia, you’re never far from the peaceful delights of the countryside. On the western shores of the country you can mix these delights with pleasant beach towns, relaxing health resorts, and picturesque ancient ruins.

Travel tips

Estonia has been a member of the EU since 2004. Most nationalities don’t need a visa for entry.

The Estonian currency is the euro (€). One euro = 100 cents.

The first language is Estonian, which is related to Finnish. Many Estonians have a good command of other languages, including English and Russian.

Traditional Estonian foods include dairy products, pork, potatoes and black bread. Estonians usually supplement these with fresh garden produce during the spring and summer months. You’ll also find there’s no shortage of international dishes in cafes, restaurants and hotels.


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