Things to do in Copenhagen

Things to do in Copenhagen

Copenhagen, as the capital of Denmark, is a major cultural attraction. It has a lot to offer the inquisitive and adventurous visitor. The city is full of some of the best museums and parks, as well as palaces, cobble stone streets and antique stores where you might find an ancient treasure. Start your itinerary list with some of the must-sees of the city. There's certainly no shortage of things to do in Copenhagen.
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Museums in Copenhagen

Copenhagen's large array of museums are up to international standards. The largest museum of cultural history and archeology is the National Museum (Nationalmuseet). The National Gallery (Statens Museum for Kunst) is the national art museum of Denmark. It contains art pieces that date back to the 12th century. The Open Air Museum is found just north of Copenhagen. It is one of the oldest and largest museums in the world, contained in about 86 acres. The time period depicted stretches between 1650 and 1950. The Danish Resistance Museum holds artefacts from the resistance of Nazi occupation, 1940 to 1945. Read more about museums in Copenhagen

Performing arts in Copenhagen

There are four separate concert halls in the Copenhagen Concert Hall. The largest hall seats 1800 people. It is the home of the Danish National Symphony Orchestra. Another famous auditorium of classical music is located in the Tivoli Gardens, the Tivoli Concert Hall. The Copenhagen Opera House (Operaen) is Denmark’s national opera house. It is one of the most modern opera houses in the world. A visit to Copenhagen would not be complete without acquiring tickets to one of these magnificent performing arts centres. Read more about art and design in Copenhagen

Sports in Copenhagen

Sporting fans will appreciate the many choices of athletic events. FC Copenhagen and Brøndby are the two major football teams. However, if you can’t get tickets for these two teams, you will surely enjoy football games of the other Copenhagen teams, B93, Frem, AB, Fremad Amager, Hvidovre IF and Lyngby. If ice hockey is your passion, enjoy taking in a game of the AL-Bank Ligaen, Rødovre Mighty Bulls or Hvidovre Ligahockey.

Copenhagen downtown

Copenhagen downtown, in Danish "Indre By", is the historic city in the heart of Copenhagen. This medieval city is square-shaped, containing historical buildings, narrow streets, shops, restaurants and churches. Some popular attractions within the city include:

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  • Amalienborg Palace is used as the Danish royal family's winter home. The palace is divided into four sections, around an octagon-shaped courtyard. Be sure to observe the changing of the guards, which proceeds at noon each day.

  • Tivoli Gardens is an amusement park, known worldwide that first opened in 1843. Aside from the regular amusement park fair, concerts, shops, restaurants and pubs are available.

  • The Little Mermaid (Den Lille Havfrue) is one of Copenhagen's most visited attractions. The bronze statue is a commemorative figure from Hans Christian Anderson's fairy tales.

  • Round Tower (Rundetarn) is an observatory used by the University of Copenhagen. It is believed to have been built in the mid-1600s. The public is welcome to visit and look through the telescope during specific nights.

  • City Hall is open to visitors. Stroll around on your own or take a guided tour.



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