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Aarhus is a city that will fascinate and excite you. One of the main reasons for this is that it dates way back to the Vikings.

The Vikings founded the city more than 1200 years ago. To discover more about them, visit the Viking Museum, a venue that re-opened in May 2008 with fabulous new displays. These include a model of Aarhus as it stood in the year 980, an animated re-enactment of a Viking assault on the city, and a copy of the Hørningstenen runic stone.

If you want to gain an historical perspective of this bustling city, do visit the museum. You'll find it in the basement of the Nordea Bank on St. Clemens Torv.

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If you have a young family, you have another reason for being enthusiastic about Aarhus: its facilities for children. The choice of such entertainment is remarkably wide.

Outdoor activities include the Deer Park at Marselisborg Forests, south of Aarhus. Entry is free, and you can experience first-hand wild animals in their natural habitat.

A similar destination is the Arslev Engsø lake. Here you and your family can observe nesting birds from specially-built towers, catch toads, and watch frogs leap into the air as you stroll along the lake’s edge.

Younger children will also enjoy Noah's Ark at Odden, 20 km outside Aarhus. They can stroke and feed animals such as donkeys, pigs, goats and sheep.

For entertainment at a faster pace, try the go-karts at Racehall. This venue has Europe's biggest indoor racetrack and offers both twin and single go-karts with speeds of up to 70 km/hour.

Children fond of go-karts might also wish to drive the bumper cars at Tivoli Friheden amusement park. This is just one of many diversions here that include the "Fire Alarm" for budding firefighters and a fabulous water park.


Adults, of course, want entertainment and leisure facilities as well. In this regard, Aarhus won't let you down.

The ARoS Aarhus Kunstmuseum is one of northern Europe's biggest and best museums. The collection of art ranges from 1770 to the present day.

Aarhus complements this magnificent museum with many private art collections and galleries. Among the best of these is Ulrik Witt's house in the city’s Latin Quarter and the Galleri Jarsbo.

Such galleries are common among Aarhus' shops. Alongside the expected fashion and electronics stores you'll find outlets devoted to unique ceramics, textiles, jewellery and glassware.

To get a feel for what shopping in Aarhus is all about, visit Strøget. This is a pedestrian-only area running from the cathedral to Central Station. For a variety of trend-setting design shops, try the Latin Quarter. And for a mouth-watering selection of the best food in Denmark, go to the Frederiksbjerg quarter, south of the Central Station. It's here in Frederiksbjerg that you'll also find Denmark’s biggest city-centre shopping mall, Bruun's Galleri.

These are just a few of the attractions of Aarhus. Book your trip to this fascinating city now with SAS and let Aarhus entertain you.


What's up in Aarhus

East Jutland Arts
Kunstruten provides with a listing of most galleries, museums and artist-craftsmen around Jutland.

Riverside cafés
Take a walk in Vadestedet, where the river runs through the city.

Den Gamle By
The Old Town is a living and breathing experience of what it was like to live in Denmark in the past.

Crew tip
Åarhus Kunstmuseum

Tel.: +45 87 30 66 00

The Aarhus Museum of Arts was opened in 2004. Some 3660 square feet with exhibitions spanning from the 16th century to contemporary, including international artists such as Bill Viola and James Turrell. Besides its galleries, ARoS has a section for children and young people where they can experience arts hands-on.
/Jane, air purser

Passenger tip
Langenæs Bakery
Nordborggade 31
Tlf.:+45 86 14 45 55

If you are in Frederiksbjerg quarter, stop at Langenæs Bakery. Try out pastries from Scandinavia's top baker Torben Brink Erichsen and Denmark's leading confectioner Palle Sørensen. /Christoffer

Passenger tip
Det Gamle Mejeri
Bedervej 101

A very nice restuarant in lovely surroundings. The restaurant is located some 6 miles outside Aarhus in an old dairy. They have a few rooms so you can stay the night and enjoy a nice breakfast. /Pelle


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