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SAS flies to many destinations in northern Scandinavia, giving you access to some of the world’s most amazing winter adventures. Chasing the Northern Lights, riding in a reindeer sleigh or even staying in a hotel made of ice – no matter which winter adventure you choose, make sure you get there with SAS, one of Europe's most punctual airlines*.


Dog sledding, Northern Lights, snowmobile safari, reindeer sledding - there's so much to do in northern Norway. Fly with SAS to Tromsø, northern Norway’s largest city set on an island within the Arctic Circle, a popular destination for an unusual and exciting city break. This bustling city full of shops, cafés and bars gives access to some of the most exhilarating excursions and activities, including being greeted by eager huskies loudly cheering upon your arrival, where you can learn how to train and groom your dogs before taking part in a dog sledding safari.

Or why not arrange an Aurora sightseeing tour? Tromsø is a city at the heart of the Northern Lights area, making it one of the best locations in the world to witness this outstanding natural light show.

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Approximately 10 miles east of Kiruna is a small village called Jukkasjärvi, the location of the world-famous ICEHOTEL. This amazing building is created each year during the middle of November, where it stays until the temperature rises and it melts away. The entire hotel is made of ice, with machines hauling huge blocks weighing up to 315 stone (2 tonnes), creating a unique design for the hotel each year.

The first guests arrive at the beginning of December and the hotel is closed by the end of April when the ice turns back into Torne River from where it came. This distinctive hotel truly is one of the world's most amazing constructions and provides a unique environment for the holiday of a lifetime.

If you have children, why not visit Santa in his cosy cottage? By December, the area is covered in crisp white snow. Take your family on a reindeer sled ride, then finish off the day with decoration making. This area truly has something for all the family.

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Similar to Tromsø, Kirkenes offers some amazing winter activities, including husky sledding, snowmobiling and king crab safaris, to name just a few. Go ice fishing to catch giant king crabs, which can be as large as 6.5 feet (2 metres) and weigh up to 2.3 stone (15 kilos)!

Kirkenes is a beautiful and unique setting with a wide range of activates to keep you occupied, complemented by the natural beauty of mountains and the fjords.

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Dog sledding in Alta, Finnmark, Norway


Northern Scandinavian destinations offer a wide range of things to do and see - and Luleå is no exception. Luleå is the capital of Swedish Lapland. You can enjoy an action-fuelled stay or take advantage of the remote solitude and tranquillity. Try river rafting, snow sledding , snowshoe tours, scooter riding, skiing and even ice fishing. If you want a break from all the activity, visit Gammelstad, a quaint village with its distinctive painted red walls with white doors and windows.

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*Source: 2009, 2010 & 2011

Photo credits: Bård Løken/; Martin Jakobsson/; Terje Rakke/Nordic Life/ 

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