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Save on company travel with SAS

- Cut your travel costs with SAS for Work

SAS Credits is a company travel rewards program that could cut your company's travel costs for flights and hotel stays. It's suitable for companies of all sizes. SAS Credits lets you earn on your companies airtravel; makes travel administration easier and offers many other valubable benefits.

NEW! SAS Credits from Avis

Now SAS corporate customers can earn 30 SAS Credits per day and rental from Avis for car rentals of up to 14 days. And just as with air travel, EuroBonus members can also earn EuroBonus points on car rentals at the same time. SAS Credits will be credited to the company account within 30 days of the end of the rental period as long as the company code (CMP) is included in the booking. Read more here...


  • - It's free

  • - Your company earns 2-4% on all air travel

  • - You can spend accumulated Credits to pay for air travel or hotel nights

  • - It's suitable for all companies of all sizes

  • - You and your colleagues can also earn EuroBonus points

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