Baggage for infants and children

Here's some useful information regarding baggage allowance, strollers and child safety seats when traveling with infants and children.

Good to know

  • When you are traveling with an infant or a child, you can check in a stroller/pram and child safety seat/car seat in addition to the baggage included in the ticket, free of charge.

  • The check-in and pick up point for strollers and child safety seats differ between airports. We recommend you to ask at the airport.

Detailed information

Infant age 0- 2 years

  • No carry-on baggage is included for infants.

Children age 2-11 years

Infant age 0- 2 years

  • One piece of checked baggage, max 23 kg, max size 158 cm (length + width + height), except if you hold a SAS Go Light ticket.

  • One stroller / pram, max 23 kg and one child safety seat/car seat.

Children age 2-11 years

  • Children can bring the amount of checked baggage that's included in your ticket type.

  • One stroller / pram, max 23 kg and one child safety seat/car seat.

  • When checking in a stroller (max 23 kg) and/or a child safety seat you have to use a plastic bag or a suitable protective hard case to protect it. We recommend that you use a hard case to avoid any potential damage.

    • Nothing else is allowed to be packed in the same plastic bag/case.

  • You can pick up a plastic bag to protect your item at the airport. If you’re traveling in SAS Plus or SAS Business, or if you’re a EuroBonus Gold or Diamond member, it is free of charge. If not, it can be purchased at the check-in counter.

    • Please note that this bag is intended to protect your item from dust and dirt, not physical damage.

  • Strollers/prams that are two-piece models must be packed in two parts.