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Reduce your emissions by adding biofuel to any SAS ticket. It’s easy! Biofuel is available for purchase in 20-min blocks and you’ll earn 500 Extra points for each block you add.

  • Reduce your CO₂ emissions
  • Choose the amount - available in 20 minutes blocks
  • Earn 500 Extra points per block

Making flying more sustinable

SAS has been at the forefront of driving sustainable aviation for decades and it remains a top priority for us. Lowering CO₂ emissions is our first priority, but we’re also working to reduce our climate impact in many other ways.

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Good to know

Good to know

SAS makes no profit from biofuel sales. The amount of biofuel SAS sells is in addition to the amount of biofuel we’ve already committed to buy.

SAS uses only certified and sustainable aviation fuels made from sources that do not affect the general availability of crops used for food production, access to drinking water, biodiversity or land.

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